Sonora Island Area

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In the Sonora Island Area there are at least thirteen Pictograph and Petroglyph sites as shown by the red stars.  I say "at least" because every time I think I've found them all, another one shows up.  Searching out these sites will show you what to look for.  Every time we pass a rock face along the shoreline that fits the type of location for these sites, I grab the binoculars and look for new sites.  Sometimes I think I've found one only to find a rusty red stain caused by plants or iron deposits.
This chart was created with Nobeltec using NDI charts but as it has been modified for showing site locations, it is not for navigation.
By the fall of 2004, we should have many of these sites to show you.  In the meantime, the stars on this page just shown where site exist.