McKenzie River

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This site is about a 1/4 mile up the river on the north side.  It is a pleasant trail but as always when using trails, make noise to let the bears know that you are there.

This petroglyph is different in that it was cut with a tool and therefore is much newer than the others.  The BC Museum feels that it is about 200 years old.  I believe that it was done by an early missionary who was working as a logger to support himself and therefore would have reason to be in this location long enough to do this.  If you take the parts of this carving separately, I believe that its meaning can be described as follows: A circle represents a place.  A square is 4 walls or a home. A triangle is the eye of God.  And a cross is a symbol of worship.  Put it all together and it says "This is God's place, worship it".  This rock is in a very serene part of the trail along the river.

There is a lot of controversy around taking rubbings of petroglyphs.  If you do...use wet canvass, push it into the groves with your fingers and go over it lightly with a charcoal stick.  Do Not use paint or anything that will damage these artifacts.