Log of Changes
Etc. Etc.

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If you see us out there running towards a cliff, don't worry, we are just investigating another site.
                                Jim Elliott
                                S/V Opus 5

  • October 31, 2003 (Halloween) - Started building this addition to our CRYC Web Site.

  • November 2, 2003 - Matched up pictures to 13 sites.  Will do more at the end of boating season in 2004.
  • December, 2003 - Received a package of photos and location descriptions from Bruce Campbell for the Jarvis Inlet area and some from Desolation Sound. (Bruce Campbell, known for his Hiking Trail List, see our Library under Links.)
  • February, 2004 - Built a new Library for the club with a lot of things you can download or link to.  If you use Nobeltec navigation software, you can down load a Export.txt file (under techical tips) and import it into your program.  This will put marks for each of the Pictograph and Petroglyph sites right on your screen.  If you left click on these marks you can select the "properties" and see a description for each site.
  • March, 2004 - Re-did the first page to allow for future expansion to the entire coastline of British Columbia.  You will see a different style for the Jarvis Inlet sites.  See what you like the best...
  • April, 2004 - April is when I finished my changes for the winter.  This is an ongoing project!  If you find some of my site locations are out of place, send me the Lat and Long and I will correct them.  Pictures would be welcome too.  Just email a JPEG of them.
  • I hope to be on the water by the middle of May.  If you see us out there let us know what you think of this site.