Broughton Archipelago

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The Boughton Archipelago offers a wide variety of Pictographs and Petroglyphs.  The pictographs vary from old to new.  Kenneth Passage is an example of the older pictures.  Karlukwees village was painted after the Duke of Connaught's visit in 1912 and the pictographs in Kingcome Inlet are quite new.
The one Petroglyph I have found in this region is about one-half miles up the McKenzie River at the end of McKenzie Sound.  It was probably carved by a Missionary working as a hand logger in that area.  More on that when you go to that page.

Another fun activity that can get everyone off the boat is Geocaching.  All you require is a hand held GPS and to register with the Geocaching group to get their information, go to our Library and pick Geocaching from our Links.

Littleton Point Sallie Point, Knights Transit Point, Knights Bond Sound, Tribune Kwatsi Point, Tribune Pearce Peninsula, Fife Sutlej Channel Dunsany Passage