Hiking Trails for Boaters in Coastal British Columbia and Alaska

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This list began as notes in Bruce Campbell's log book identifiing grassy locations where he could take his faithfull dog for some exercise. It wasn't long before his boating friends encouraged Bruce to list these locations so that they could get off their boats and stretch. From that summer of 1998 Bruce's list became a "living document" in that boaters would send their reports of both new and old trails, the condition of these trails and whether they were able to improve them. The Campbell River Yacht Club asked Bruce if we could continue the service that he started and were thrilled when he accepted our offer. As of June 21st 2010, 537 trails were listed in B.C. and 105 trails in Alaska.

Whenever new trail information comes from a publication covering that site, the author's recognition can usually be found in the bibliography along with web sites etc.

When marking a trail with tape I always recommend blue tape with TRAIL marked on it. Blue tape can be seen by most boaters when they cannot see red or green tape and using tape with trail marked on it doesn't interfere with logging operations. Marine stores can get this tape if you give them enough time to order it in for you.

Changes made this year and previous year will be in red, all others will be in black. Private property will be highlited as private. Boaters participating in this trail program will, if desired will be highlited as green.

Use the list of areas below to jump to the area of interest with one click.

Legal Disclaimer This website is designed to provide information on Trails on the B.C. and Alaska Coasts. Every effort is made to be accurate. There may be mistakes, therefore this website should be only a general guide. It is based on local knowledge and subject to human error. The author assumes no liability for errors or ommissions or for any loss or damages incurred from using this information.

Dog beaches must be at an anchorage with beach or grassy area easily accessible at high and low tides and not listed in the trails section. Current listings are at the end of each area

  • A. Gulf Islands
  • B. South East Vancouver Island (Victoria to Nanaimo)
  • C. Lower Mainland and Howe Sound
  • D. Sunshine Coast, Pender Harbour, Jervis Inlet, Northern Georgia Strait
  • E. Desolation Sound and Discovery Passage

























    Charles Kahn of Salt Spring Is. has written a book called "Hiking the Gulf Islands", revised in 2004, Harbour Publishers, which is highly recommended. It also covers Bowen, Lasqueti, Texada, Hornby, Denman, Cortes, and Quadra islands.2004 G.I.N.P.R. is Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

    1. Discovery Is.Prov. Marine Park- trail circles Rudlin Bay to 1886 lighthouse at east end of Is. Temporary anchorage in Rudlin Bay. Mooring Bouy is for BC P ark's Staff and park facility operators only.
    2. D'Arcy Is. G.I.N.P.R. Marine Park - trail circles island - no sheltered anchorages. Temporary anchorage in southwest bight. Buoy at the south east side is for Park's staff and the Park Facility Operator only.
    3. Sidney Is., Sidney Spit G.I.N.P.R. Marine Park. 1. two km of loop trail. 2. walk out to end of spit at low tide. Anchor Discovery Is. Prov. Marine Park - trail circles Rudlin Bay to 1886 lighthouse at east end of Is. Temporary anchorage in Rudlin Bay. Mooring buoy is for BC Park's staff and Park Facility Operator use only or tie up to one of 35 mooring buoys. Dock for small boats. Over 2000 fallow deer on the island so dogs must be on leash.
    4. Rum Island (Isle-de-Lis) G.I.N.P.R. Marine Park - trail from west end of Is. , along south shore to Tom Point at east end. Trail cirles island. Anchor either side of the isthmus between Rum and Gooch Islands. Mooring buoy is for Park's staff and the Park Facility Operator only.
    5. Portland Is. (Princess Margaret G.I.N.P.R. Marine Park) - 6.5 km. trail around perimeter and two 1.5 km trails across island. Anchor in Royal Cove, Princess Bay or between Brackman Is. and Portland Is. Takes about 4 hrs. to walk circumference, 1 hr. for cross trails.
    6. Cabbage Island G.I.N.P.R. Marine Park - at low tide a 1/2 hour hike around island on beach. Tie up to one of the ten mooring buoys or anchor in Reef Harbour.
    7. Tumbo Is. G.I.N.P.R.- 3.5 km walk around perimeter. Dinghy access opposite Cabbage Is.
    8. Saturna Is., Winter Cove G.I.N.P.R. Marine Park - 1.5 km loop trail to Boat Pass. Anchor in cove.
    9. Saturna Is., Lyall Creek G.I.N.P.R. Sept. 2006 A 2 km meandering wooded trail with step climb to a waterfall.
    10. Saturna Is., Breezy Bay - hike Quarry Trail starting at Thomson Park next to bay - anchor in bay.
    11. Saturna Is., Narvaez Bay - 2003 - G.I.N.P.R. - old logging road and trail to a good viewpoint.
    12. Saturna Is., Fiddlers Cove - May 2006 .6 km trail (30 mins.) Phone Tsawout band (250-652-9101) or Tseycum band (250-656-0858) for permission to hike trail.
    13. South Pender Is., Bedwell Harbour, Beaumont G.I.N.P.R. Marine Park 1. loop trail in park. Mount Norman Capital Regional Park is adjacent 2. hike Mount Norman, highest point on South Pender (890 ft. - 244m.) Anchor or tie up to mooring buoys. 2008 To climb Mt. Norman from Beaumont MP you have to follow the trail over the ridge. It drops down a ways before joining the Mt. Norman Trail and going back up.
    14. South Pender Is., Bedwell Hbr. - Walk up the hill behind the resort. Past the junction with the road that leaves Bedwell you will come to a quiet walk known as the Enchanted Forest. This little trail, with information signs is a relaxing stroll.
    15. North Pender Is., Thieves Bay - 2004 - trails to two artificial lakes and Prior Centennial Park. No anchorage, private marina.
    16. North Pender Is., Ella Bay (next to Otter Bay)- 2004 - G.I.N.P.R. - trail to road and also trail to end of Roe Islet.
    17. North Pender Is., Shingle Bay - G.I.N.P.R. May 2006 - many trails to and around Roe Lake.
    18. Mayne Is., Trail from Naylor Bay to Helen Point, at south end of Active Pass. 9 km. round trip - 2 to 3 hrs.
    19. Mayne Is., David Cove - short walk at low tide to Active Pass lighthouse. Rocky and slippery.
    20. Mayne Is., Bennett Bay - 2004 - G.I.N.P.R. - 1.5 km trail through park and out to Campbell Point. Access at low tide only.
    21. Prevost Island, James Bay - G.I.N.P.R. - Most of James Bay and neighbouring Selby Cove has been reserved by the Pacific Marine Heritage Legacy 1. Trail to Peile Pt. (sheep path) starts at head of bay and parallels James Bay shoreline - 25 mins. one way to Point at entrance to bay and 40 mins. one way to Peile Pt. A scenic walk through fir and arbutus trees. 2. Starting at the beach behind reef (which is half way into bay) a trail goes through a deserted orchard of apples and plums, to the head of the bay. Other trails branch out from this one. It seems Prevost Is. has many trails or old roads to walk on but most are on private land.
    22. Prevost Is.,Richardson Bay - May 2006 - short trail from inside of bay to navigation light at Portlock Point.
    23. Galiano Is., Sturdies Bay - short walk to Bellhouse Prov. Park. 45 mins. one way - overlooking E end of Active Pass.
    24. Galiano Is., Sturdies Bay or Montague Harbour - 3 mile hike up Mt. Galiano (1121 Ft.,311 metres) Panoramic view of Active Pass & southern gulf islands.
    25. Galiano Is., Montague Harbour Prov. Marine Park - 1 hr. loop trail around Grey Peninsula. Aug. '00 now called the Grey Point Trail.
    26. Galiano Is., Montague Hbr. - hike up to Bluff Park with view overlooking western entrance to Active Pass. Go up Montague Hbr. Road to Georgeon Bay Rd. Turn right & continue to Bluffs Drive. Continue on Bluffs until reaching the park and then take path to edge of bluff. Allow a few hrs., a strenuous hike.
    27. Galiano Is., Retreat Cove - trail leads across Is. to Pebble Beach on Cable Bay. Public wharf or anchor.
    28. Galiano Is., Retreat Cove - 2004 - Bodega Ridge Trail From cove walk up to Porlier Pass Rd., head NW and go up Cotton Way Rd. to trailhead. Thanks to Mark on M.V. HONKER
    29. Galiano Is., Coon Bay - hike along east coast to Whaler Bay at south end of Is. Certain sections can only be done at low tide.
    30. Galiano Is., north end - 2003 - a 45 min. trail & boardwalk leads from Lighthouse Bay, past lighthouse on Race Point towards Dionisio Pt. Prov. Marine Park and Coon Bay. Anchor in Lighthouse Bay or any of three adjacent bays off Porlier Pass. The Park borders Porlier Pass & the Strait of Georgia. There are 5 known midden sites within the park. There is also a trail along St. of G. and a loop trail inland. Coon Bay dries at low tide and is SE of the point, some books show it SW. In the future a trail is planned joining the park trail to the Bodega Ridge trail.
    31. Salt Spring Is.- 2006 - anchorage between Jackson Rock and Salt Spring Is. - trail on S.S.I. on Native Reserve.
    32. Salt Spring Is., Fulford Hbr., Russell Is. - G.I.N.P.R. - 1 km loop trail on south end of island.
    33. Salt Spring Is., Ruckle Prov. Park - many trails - anchor in cove beside Beaver Pt. or in cove south of Beaver Pt. Map available at Park Headquarters. Public trails marked by red metal markers nailed to trees.
    34. Salt Spring Is., Walker Hook - loop trail on hook. Anchor on east side.
    35. Salt Spring Is., Musgrave Landing - good hiking along miles of logging roads to Bruce Peak, highest mountain in Gulf Islands at 2306 ft. and Mount Tuam (2000 ft.)
    36. Salt Spring Is., Musgrave Landing 2005 Walk to waterfall. Starting at the docks, walk up to the gravel road, turn right, go to top of hill & beyond till you see a field with a hippie bus. Go to end of field and if it has been raining you will hear the waterfall. Takes about 20 mins. one way. Thanks to Irene & Mark on M.V. SASSY
    37. Salt Spring Is., Burgoyne Bay - access to Mount Maxwell Prov. Park - over 4 miles of trails. Anchor deep in bay.
    38. Tent Is. - trails on west side. Temporary anchorage on west side. Whole island is an Native Reserve. Reported May 1999 that Natives are kicking people off island. It is no longer a marine park.
    39. Wallace Is. Prov. Marine Park - trails covering length of island. Public float in Conover Cove, or anchor in Conover Cove, Princess Bay, or cove inside Panther Point. 1. From Conover Cove 2 hrs. return to Chivers Point; 2. 30 mins. return to Princess Bay; 3. 30 mins return to Panther Point. In early May look for Naked Broom Rape (a parasite flower that grows on stonecrop) at Chivers Point. Conover Cove is shallow. Check the tides.
    40. Valdes Is. Blackberry Point. A trail heads up and then to the right towards Porlier Pass. Anchor off Blackberry Point.
    41. Decourcy Is., Pirates Cove Prov. Marine Park - 4 km. of trails 1. loop trail around park - 2. trail to south end of Is., opposite Ruxton Is. Anchor in cove or bay opposite Ruxton Is.
    42. Decourcy Is., Pirates Cove Prov. Marine Park - Walk from the southern dinghy dock north along shore to park boundary, up short hill and onto road. Map on road sign. Follow curving road south then north on island 1 to 2 miles to see Brother XII farm site. One way trail. Cool on a hot day, out of the wind. Keep property owners happy by keeping dog on leash - sheep and deer in area. - thanks to Harvey and Tammy Hall on S.V. EARLY RISER.
    43. Link Is. - trail from one end to the other. Island is privately owned but owner doesn't mind people hiking it.
    44. Wakes Cove, Valdez Is. - 2003- (in Gabriola Pass, opposite Degnen Bay) Miles of walking trails. Anchor in cove. Float is for Parks Branch but has a dinghy dock on the outside end. All other wharves are private. Thanks to Judy MacKay on M.V. SEASONALL
    45. Gabriola Is. 2006 Locals have produced a map that shows 21 trails on Gabriola Is. Thanks to Mark & Bev Godfrey on M.V. HONKER .
    46. Gabriola Is., Drumbeg Prov. Park - trails - anchor west of Rogers Reef, off Gabriola Pass. Or walk from Degnen Bay, a short cut to road is behind lg. maple tree at the end of Govt. dock.
    47. Newcastle Is. Prov. Marine Park - 12 miles (20 km.) of trails. Perimeter trail is 7.5 km. Map available at pavilion. Anchor or tie up to floats.
    1. Dog Beaches:
      1. Port Browning, North Pender Island
      2. Walter Hook, Salt Spring Is. - Short trail on hook - anchor S.E. side.
      3. North Cove, Thetis Is.
      4. Taylor, Pilot & Lock Bays, Gabriola Is.
      5. Flat Top Is., Silva Bay, Gabriola Is. All the Flat Top Is. are privately owned. Owners do not appreciate people visiting them.


    B. SOUTH EAST VANCOUVER ISLAND (Victoria to Nanaimo)

    1. Esquimalt Harbour: anchor near Cole Island - an undeveloped historic site (navy munitions -1860 to 1938), row up to the head of the unspoiled Mill Stream Creek Estuary past one of the first pubs in B.C. (Six Mile House - 1855) to view the site of one of the first sawmills in B.C. (private property!!), scramble ashore at the pub (no wharf, but close to the creek if the tide goes out over the mud flats) for some grub &/or to access the 45 km. rails to trails Galloping Goose Trail, a block or so up the Six-Mile Connector. Or keep going another block or so up the Connector to reach Thetis Lake Park - one of the best places to see a Garry Oak ecosystem in bloom around mid-April, or go for a fresh-water swim when it gets warmer, miles of lovely walking trails. or go ashore at Thetis Cove for about 1 km. of trail through douglas fir forest (site of an ancient portage to Portage Inlet) with another historic pub behind the park (Four Mile House - 1858). - thanks to Cynthia Sinclair. Since 9/11 when entering or leaving Harbour contact QMH Operations at 250-363-2160 or on chan. 10. There is a 7 kt. speed limit and stay 100 metres from ships or Navy property.
    2. Esquimalt Harbour, Fort Rodd National Historic Park - trails in park - temporary anchorage north of Fisgard Lighthouse. Visitors dock planned.
    3. Esquimalt Harbour, Fleming Bay - trails start from inside end of breakwater or at boat launching ramp to Macaulay Point Park.
    4. Island View Park (opposite James Is.) - trails through dunes and along dike. An exposed anchorage. Four miles of sandy beach.
    5. Saanich Inlet, Coles Bay Capital Regional Park - several short trails. Anchor in bay.
    6. Saanich Inlet, Tod Inlet anchorage - 2003 - Many short trails. Main trail is called Tod Creek Trail which goes from picnic table area to Wallace Drive entrance (about 25 mins.) If you follow the service road you will come out at another entrance. The W. D. trail leaves the service road to the right, the next trail to the right after passing the trail with a yellow fire hydrant close to its start. This trail goes to Tod Creek (about 5 mins.) where it enters Tod inlet and joins other trails. Another trail starts opposite the cement structures on the W.D. trail which goes down to Tod Creek which you can cross on a log and then goes further (I didn't try this trail, but was told it goes on for miles.) In mid July beach peas were in full bloom adding a lot of colour to the anchorage. The dinghy dock is still a work in progress. When I was there they had just added a new cement footing on the dock which was destroyed in a winter storm.
    7. Saanich Inlet, Butchart Cove - Butchart Gardens are dog friendly, on a leash. Tie up to 1 of 4 mooring buoys.
    8. Saanich Inlet, Mount Work Regional Park, McKenzie Bight - Many trails -1. Cascade trail leads up hill past Cascade Falls (5 mins.), 2. Durrance and Pease Lake (45 mins.) 3. McKenzie Bight Trail goes to Mount Work (2 hrs.) (1463 ft. - 446 m.) Anchor in McKenzie Bight or Tod Inlet.
    9. Saanich Inlet, Goldstream Prov. Park - extensive trail system throughout park. Tie up at marina.
    10. Genoa Bay Marina - hike up Skinner Bluff to Mount Tzuhalem.- Sept. 2005 This trail has been blocked off by the property owner,Th he no longer allows access, even to locals. anks to Pamela Benson S.V. SPIRIT OF FREEDOM (1760 m.) Anchor or tie up at marina.
    11. Genoa Bay Marina - 2005 - Trail to lookout on Skinner Bluff. From the marina walk up to Salt Spring Road. In front of you is a signpost & behind it a brown coloured transformer. The trail starts along the fence and goes around it. It is a steady climb up to the lookout, taking about 30 mins. one way. Not an easy trail because of the climb and rocks and tree roots to trip on. The view from the rocky bluff is 10/10 of Cowichan Bay. Descending it was a bit slippery from fallen leaves on the trail. Sept. 2005 This is probably also blocked off. See other G.B. Marina listing above. Maple Bay, Bird's Eye Cove - old logging roads lead up hill to Mount Tzuhalem. Anchor or tie up at marina.
    12. Crofton Public Wharf - 2004 - hiking trails.
    13. Ladysmith - Sept. 2006 Six trails have been built - 1. 5.8 km Holland Creek loop; 2. 6.4 km Heart Lake loop; 3. 9.3 km Stocking Lake loop; 4. 1.2 km Rotary Lookout Trail; 5. 10 min. Estuary Trail; 6. Ikm Marine Walk. Brocure with map available - Tie up at public dock. Thanks to Nancy Kirkner on S.V. RESTLESS
    14. Ladysmith, Page Point Inn Marina (ex-Manana Marina)- a road and trail leading north provides access to Woodley Range of hills and microwave tower.
    15. Mermaid Cove - access to Roberts Memorial Prov. Park - trails.
    16. Boat Harbour - trail up old railroad right-of-way. Temporary anchorage in hbr. behind Reynolds Point.

    Dog Beaches

    1. Yellow Point - 3 beaches


    1. Indian Arm Prov. Marine Park - Raccoon & Twin Islands - trail goes north and south from dinghy dock. Temporary anchorage at north end of Raccoon Is.
    2. Deep Cove, Indian Arm - Baden-Powell trail to Horseshoe Bay.
    3. Indian Arm, Belcarra Regional Park - hike to viewpoint on Buntzen Ridge, overlooking Burrard Inlet & Buntzen Lake. Anchor in Belcarra Bay. 2003 Hiking trails curve north along steep terrain to Jug Island Beach with views of North Shore mountains (2 hours return). An easy 40 minute walk follows a gentle wooded trail to the muddy tidal flats of Bedwell Bay. The southern route hugs the shore's rocky coastline to Admiral and Burns Points, with beautiful views of Burrard Inlet (2 hrs. and 2.5 hrs. return).
    4. Indian Arm, Granite Falls - hike above falls, and 4 miles up the valley to Grand Lake. Temporary anchorage by Grand Creek delta. Dinghy dock below falls.
    5. North Vancouver, Cate's Park - hiking trails. Temporary anchorage. 58 acre park. Six km. (4 miles) of waterfront trails that go past sandy beaches and through fir and maple trees.
    6. Howe Sound, Porteau Cove - Howe Sound Crest Trail. 29 nm. to Cypress Prov. Park, above West Vancouver.
    7. Howe Sound, Bowen Island - Several trails in Crippen Park. 600 acre park to explore. Map available. 1. Around Killarney Lake Loop Trail (4 km. , 1.5 hrs.) 2. Dorman Point trail (2 km., 1 hr.), 3. Mount Gardner - 726 m. (10 km., 6 hrs. round trip). Tie up at marina or public float or anchor in Mannion (Deep) Bay.
    8. Howe Sound, Gambier Is., Brigade Bay - 2002 Anne Vipond in Pacific Yachting writes "trails apparently lead to head of Port Graves while an old logging road leads up the north face of Mount Artaban." Feb. 2009 from Pacific Yachting Dec. 08 issue "A trail leads a few steps uphill to a gravel road. On the other side of this road is the beginning of a well marked path to Port Graves, affording a 40 min. walk through verdant West Coast rainforest. At the Port Graves end the trail skirts around Camp Artaban before ending at the public dock".
    9. Howe Sound, McNab Creek - logging road over low pass to Salmon Inlet, 10 miles to northwest.
    10. Howe Sound, Gambier Is., Halkett Bay Prov. Marine Park. 1. trail to Center Bay. 2. Another trail is 10 km. hike up Mount Artaban. (2035 ft.) Allow 5 hrs for round trip. Anchor in bay.
    11. Howe Sound, Port Graves, Camp Artaban - trail to Lost Lake, or to Mount Artaban (2,035 ft.) Goes through some private property (Camp Artaban) Another trail goes to Ramillies channel, overlooking Anvil Is. Anchor at head of bay.
    12. Howe Sound, Gambier Is., Centre Bay - 2003 - near NE end is a cove where a trail up a steep hill and along an old logging road goes to Koi Lake.
    13. Howe Sound, New Brighton - trail to Gambier Lake. Tie up at public wharf.
    14. Howe Sound, Bowen Is., Pirate's Cove - trail to Tunstall Bay. (The small bay just north of Cape Roger Curtis is known locally as Pirates Cove)
    15. Howe Sound, Keats Is., Plumper Cove Prov. Marine Park - 1. 1 hr. loop trail in park. 2. trail to highest point of Keats Is., Lookout Mountain (795 ft.) or 3. Stony Hill (710 ft.) Display board in park shows trails. Anchor or tie up to public floats.

    Dog beaches



    1. Sargeant Bay Provincial Marine Park - 2 trails. Triangle Lake Trail. (3.6 km - 2.2 mi. - allow 3 hrs for return tip) Trout Lake Trail (Trout Lake is at 500 m. 1,650 ft. elevation.) Allow 4 hrs. for return trip. Anchor deep in Sargeant Bay.
    2. Smuggler Cove - 400 acre park - 3 trails from head of cove. 1. left trail - to parking lot (30 mins) then down road to Frenchman's Cove., 2. center trail - to beach outside cove (15 mins.), 3. right trail - out peninsula, overlooking entrance to cove (30 mins.)Trails upgraded in 1996.
    3. South Thormanby Is., Simson Prov. Marine Park - interlaced with old logging roads. Farm Bay - walk through old orchard.
    4. Pender Harbour, Garden Bay Prov. Marine Park. 1. loop trail (15 mins.) If you go right at the end of the ramp, look for a rusting steam donkey in the woods a few hundred feet along trail. 2. Trail to Claydon Road. 3. Mount Daniel is included in park. Trail to summit of Mt. Daniel starts off Garden Bay Road past east end of Garden Bay Lake. Allow 4 hrs return from trailhead.
    5. Pender Harbour, Francis Point Marine Park - 2003 - trails being constructed. Access is off Merrill Road.
    6. Nelson Island, Quarry Bay - In the east corner of the bay, a trail goes to Little Quarry Lake. Sept. 2000 I am informed there is no public access to the trail to Little Quarry Lake. In the north corner a trail goes to Big Quarry Lake. Anchor in bay.
    7. Egmont - (Sechelt Narrows Prov. Park) 4 km. trail to Skookumchuck Rapids - 2 hrs. return from Govt. dock. Starts a 1/4 mile up highway from Govt. dock. This is one of Sailor's favorite trails with a creek at each end to get a drink. Passes Brown Lake.
    8. Captain Island - trail from south end through old growth trees. Anchor across Agnew Passage on top of Nelson Is. next to small Is.
    9. The Suncoaster Trail 32 kilometers. Starts between Earls Cove & Egmont to Secret Cove. Parts are on roads. Accessible from Kleindale in Madeira Park in Pender Harbour. Map available at Info Center in Madeira Park.
    10. Sechelt Inlet Prov. Marine Park, Piper Pt. Park - trail paralleling Carlson Creek. Temporary anchorage.
    11. Porpoise Bay Prov. Park - a half mile sandy beach. Walk along Angus Creek into the woodlands and forest. In the fall, spawning salmon can be seen in the creek.
    12. Sechelt Inlet, 9 Mile Point Park - 2003 - old logging roads.
    13. Salmon Inlet - at the head, old logging roads connect to McNab Creek in Howe Sound
    14. Salmon Inlet - at the head, logging roads to and around Clowhom Lake. Tie up at Interfor dock when not in use. Logging camp people are friendly to boaters. Thanks to PARADYSE . Hear the delta has a large sandy beach like a Pacific Island. Thanks to S.V. DREAMSPEAKER.
    15. Jervis Inlet, Queens Reach - logging roads at head.
    16. Princess Louisa Inlet - Princess Louisa Prov. Marine Park - trail to Trapper's Cabin, a hard 2 hr. climb one way - not marked - elevation 550 metres (1804 Ft.) Cross creek at cabin & climb a little further for a good viewpoint of the inlet. Trail continues for 30 km., past Loquits Lake to Sims Creek Traverse. 2001 - Many people get confused & don't find the cabin because there are so many side trails & red flags. At the start of the trail another trail goes off to the right - in about 10 minutes you come to a tall waterfalls. Also a loop trail to Chatterbox Falls (15 mins.) Tie up at park floats or anchor. Princess Louisa website
    17. Princess Louisa Inlet - dock opposite MacDonald Is. - trail up mountain, used by Malibu Outreach group for several days hike. About 1 km. in is a beautiful waterfall. 2002 - hiked to waterfall. Took about half hour from the Malibu Outreach dock. Take trail closest to inlet, you cross two streams on a plank, go thru a small campsite and go alongside a cliff with ropes hanging down it. Trail overgrown in places by vines and ferns. Some red/pink markers. A log bridge goes over falls which are quite spectacular. Two dogs from the Outreach did the whole hike with us. Thanks to Martin and Vicky Dunsmuir on S.V. WHITE SQUALL
    18. Jervis Inlet, Hotham Sound - from the east head, a 1/2 mile old logging road goes to Lena Lake
    19. Jervis Inlet, Saltery Bay Prov. Park - The south end of the Sunshine Coast Trail starts here and goes north to Sarah Point at the entrance to Desolation Sound. (180 km. - 108 mi.) It consists of 27 shorter trails, rangeing from easy to challenging. Being developed by the Powell River Parks & Wilderness Society, P.O Box 345, Powell River, B.C. V8A 5C2 It can be accessed from Powell River and Lund. Public Float at Saltery Bay. Call 604-485 4701 for trail package. In Aug. 2000 tried to find the Saltery Bay end of the trail. No one I asked knew where it started and there were no signs. I think it starts east of the Ferry Terminal and climbs up a service road past the 1 km. sign. Don't take the trails to the left of this road. There is an excellent website www.sunshinecoast-trail.com/
    20. Jervis Inlet, Saltery Bay - trail/road goes to St. Vincent Bay. Tie up at Govt. dock.
    21. Jervis Inlet, Saltery Bay - One km. along the highway is the Saltery Bay Prov. Park, which has a 1 km. loop trail to Mermaid Cove. Take a picnic lunch.
    22. Blind Bay, Ballet Bay - one mile trail goes to Hidden Basin (15 mins.) Goes through 3 private properties. Owners do not like people trespassing and threaten to put up fence. Say their signs keep being torn down. In Aug. '00 I am hearing the same complaint. If they really wanted to stop people they could. It might just be one individual. In '00 he told one hiker about the private property & threatened to sue Pacific Yachting. Then at the end of the conversation he said to forget what he'd said previously. In my research P.Y. has never said there was a trail. It was Northwest Boat Travel & Gunkholing Desolation Sound.
    23. Hardy Is., trail that crosses Is. from anchorage inside Fox Is. is now private property.
    24. Musket Is. Marine park -2003 - a short trail around island.
    25. Schooner Cove - 12 trails through Fairfields. Some are on roads. A map available at Marina.
    26. South Winchelsea Is. - trail. This island is owned by The Land Conservancy of British Columbia and is an ecological reserve. No pets or domestic animals are permitted on the island and visitors are requested to stay on the trail.
    27. Ballenas Island - trail from Boathouse Bay (southwest end of Is.) to light station. There is a buoy on the west side of the north island that visitors can use.
    28. Sangster Is. - a cliff top trail hugs the south shoreline for a short distance north of Elephant Eye Pt.
    29. Texada Island, Many trails. Map available from Inn. Cornell Trail starts at Vananda, follows the 1898 railway bed to Cornell gold, silver & copper mine. (1.7 mi. - 2.8 km. one way) 1 hr. return from trailhead.. From the docks at Sturt Bay go up the Sturt Bay Road to Sellentin Rd., turn right and go 1 block to Main St. Turn left and walk past Church taking trail on right which comes out on Prospect St. Follow Prospect till you see a road on the left, take it, then in about 10 mins. a trail on left which will take you to Turtle Lake (Emily). A nice easy trail. You have to return the same way.
    30. Texada Is. -Loop trail through Marble Bluff Park next to Sturt Bay floats.
    31. Texada Is., Anderson Bay - 2007 - from Pacific Yachting, an old logging road that connects to Pipeline right-of-way.
    32. Lasqueti Is., Squitty Bay Prov. Marine Park - trails in park. Public float.
    33. Lasqueti Is., Tucker Bay - trail up Mount Trematon, (1130 ft.) highest point on Lasqueti. Derek Cove did an article in the Nov. 1975 issue of Pacific Yachting on this trail which he said he'd hiked a half dozen times. There is beach access at Tucker Bay. Head up Tucker Bay Road to Main Road, go left to Lake Road, then to its end. On the right is an old logging road which comes out in a meadow. Climb up the ridge ahead of you, slowly circling to the left until you come to a distinct ravine. There is a natural staircase of rocks up the ravine which takes you to the summit. Anchor between buoy and house on Potter Point. July 2009 'Islands Trust' is suggesting this trail, part of a 'nature reserve', not be used because of a highly sensitive ecosystem.
    34. Lasqueti Is., Richardson's Cove - trail to summit of Mount Trematon. Anchor in cove. July 2009 See note above.
    35. Jedediah Is. Prov. Marine Park - trails around and across it. Anchor in Deep Bay, between Paul Is. & Jedediah Is. An alternate anchorage is Boho Bay on Lasquiti. A one mile dinghy trip to Jedediah. Thanks to Aaron Campbell on M.V. HONU .
    36. Jedediah Is., Codfish Bay - Sept. 2006 a new trail to top of Mt. Gibraltar marked with oyster shells at entrance & yellow ribbons to top. Thanks to Nancy Kirkner on S.V. RESTLESS .
    37. South Texada Prov. Marine Park - old logging roads. nearest anchorage at Jedediah Is.
    38. Jervis Island - 2003 - Two trails in cove inside island.
    39. Hornby Is., Tribune Bay/Helliwell Prov. Marine Park - 3 mile circle trail through park from NE corner of Tribune Bay. Anchor in Tribune Bay. 2008 The trail can be accessed from Salal Rd. It is a lot easier to find returning than going, as you have to go down some driveways to reach it. It goes between the cliffs and the houses.
    40. Hornby Is., Ford's Cove - 3 trails to Shingle Spit on different levels. 1. shoreline trail (2.5 km., 45 mins.), 2. old logging road, 3. old game trail. Tie up at public float.
    41. Hornby Is., Shingle Spit - trail to Eagle Rock. - 2005 Trails map available from bike rental shop next to co-op store which is close to Tribune Bay. Thanks to Don & Eileen on S.V. STORM BIRD .
    42. Denman Is. - several trails start from Govt. dock. 2 km. of trails in Fillongley Prov. Park, just off Buckley Bay.
    43. Comox - trails in Goose Spit Park. Tie up at any of 3 marinas.
    44. Powell River - hike with local hiking club on Wednesday & Sunday. Trails to 1. Willington Beach Trail Trailhead at Willington Beach Park at the north end of Marine Ave. Once a railbed, wide and easy to hike. (1 hr.) 2. the U-Nay-Mit Trail.
    45. Savary Is. - trails criss-cross Is. Anchor close to wharf.
    46. Mitlenatch Is. Prov. Marine Park - stay on trails to avoid disturbing birds. Check in with naturalist. No dogs allowed. Anchor in Camp Bay at east end between small is. and Mitlenatch Is.

    Dog Beaches:

    1. Thormanby Island, Buccaneer Bay - white sandy beach at south end & east side
    2. Sandy Island Prov. Marine Park - 4 km. (2.5 mi.) of sandy beach. Anchor south of island.




    The Ripple Rock Power Squadron at Campbell River has a trail clearing committee working to clear existing trails in the Desolation Sound and other related areas. Dave Fremont, "fremont(at)oberon.ark.com" is Chairman, RRPS Trails Committee.

    1. Copeland Islands - short trail across large island at narrowest part. Also trail along ridge.
    2. Malaspina Inlet - park inshore of Cochrane Islands - trails
    3. Malaspina Inlet, west of Cochrane Islands - Sept. 2005 on mainland shore by kayak beach and campsite are two trails, one leading to a lake. Thanks to Ron & Jo-Anne Monk on S.V. RAINBIRD
    4. Grace Harbour - half mile trail to lake. Aug '99, very muddy after three days of rain. I'd been told of an elaborate "Boy Scout Shower" on a side trail. There was old machinery amongst the trees, then a creek, waterfalls and the shower. Found the side trail near the end of the detour around a muddy section of the trail. The side trail was well trodden. It led to a creek, waterfalls and your eyes followed the black hose to a can with holes in it marked "compliments of OVERDRAFT TOO, WVYC" A piece of plywood was over the rocks for a floor. Aug. 2000 There are now 2 pipes running from the waterfall and 2 showers. One on each side of the creek. The plywood floor is gone, replaced by a plank. 2002 - showers not in operation - a 2nd detour opened around another muddy section.
    5. Grace Harbour - 2002 just before the lake, the trail Ys, the left trail goes to the end of the lake, the right trail goes along the side of the lake until it ends about 30 mins. later at a swamp. While checking this trail met about 12 people from the Ripple Rock Power Squadron and Campbell River Y.C. clearing this trail. Chained off at 1650 metres. (chaining is measuring with a surveyors chain "tape". We measure our trail work on completion with a 100 metre chain "tape" Dave Fremont - RRPS)
    6. Grace Harbour - A new trail to Isabel Bay cleared in 2000. Starts in east corner of Grace Harbour. Trail is 560 metres,well marked, and is like walking on bark mulch. Took me 16 mins. each way. 2002 - there is now a sign at each trailhead. Dinghy access is always a problem with our tides. The Grace Hbr. end is tricky at low tide. Isabel Bay end has good access. On trail look for spring board cutouts in stumps and remains of a logging skid trail for getting logs out. 2008 There are no longer signs at the trailheads. They are marked by surveyors tape.
    7. Galley Bay - trail to small lake 1/4 mile southeast of anchorage. Now not assessible as goes through private property. Anchor between Is. & shore.
    8. Theodosia Inlet - logging road, access on east side, next to mudflats.
    9. Okeover Inlet - trail through Okeover Arm Prov. Park next to public wharf.
    10. Mink Is. - old logging roads around Is. Island is privately owned but owner as of 1999 permitted hikers, no campers. Anchor between islet & Is.
    11. Tenedos Bay - 5 min. trail to Unwin Lake. Anchor at east side. Trail to Melanie Cove, see below.
    12. Tenedos Bay, Bold Head - a trail to the summit starts in cove inside Tenedos Bay just below Bold Head. Trailhead marked by blue ribbons. Wonderful views from the top. Dinghy access is good at the Point and its a short walk down the beach to the trail access. The trail climbs 500 feet very quickly and takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on your shape. 2011 - Jim Elliott of S.V. OPUS 5 placed a bench at the top where you can sit and enjoy the sunset.
    13. Prideaux Haven, Melanie Cove - a 1/2 mile trail from head of cove to Laura Cove. In 1998 I lost track of the trail. Sailor couldn't find it either. Apr. 2005 - Nancy Kirkner on S.V. RESTLESS reported two tricky points where you could lose the trail - one among old growth stumps and another where the trail curves sharply to the left across a small stream. Another trail also starts at Parks Information sign at entrance (2008 - sign no longer there)to Melanie Cove to Laura Cove. 2000 cleared and marked. Several people have reported they could not find this trail. 2008 There is a huge blowdown on this trail. You cannot go through it, but must go around it and search for trail on the other side. Thanks to Tom & Jean Keevil .
    14. Prideaux Haven, Melanie Cove. A new trail by Parks Branch to Lake Unwin, joins trail from Tenedos Bay to Lake Unwin. Follows a chain of lakes. This 3 mile trail was cleared by about 18 people in Aug. 2000. Starts between reef and point at entrance. Small sign on tree says, "Trail to Tenedos Bay - 50 mins." Took us one hour 46 mins. going and 1 hr. 40 mins. return and we hardly stopped. Some steep climbing - trail for agile hikers. Beautiful view over lake about 1/3rd of way in. Starts southernmost corner of Melanie Cove (look at a chart) No sign at Tenedos Bay end, about 1/2 way along trail to Unwin Lake, second trail on left.. Whole trail flagged by red surveyors tape. In two places red ribbons go in two directions. Take path that is most worn. (up hill) and at 2nd one close to Lake Unwin take one to right that parallels lake. We saw a black bear on the trail, my dog barked and it took off. The bridge at the Tenedos Bay end was built by the crew of three boats that spend the summer at Roscoe Bay. S.V. SUNDANCE, S.V. ROO & S.V. RISI. They also did clearing and marking of the Mt. Llanover trail in Roscoe Bay.June 2002 - there are now signs at each trailhead. 2003 rerouted 1/2 mile of trail near the first lake at the Melanie Cove end. Aug. 2008 Trail is well marked with surveyor tapes. First part from Melanie Cove is a beautiful walk through the open forest and would be excellent for a thirty-minute dog walk. Once the trail descends to a swamp, it becomes a bit more difficult with some fallen trees to climb over and a few muddy spots (easy for the dog; difficult for the person). At the first lake, the trail appears to go up the hill but it actually follows the lake for a short while so be sure to check the surveyor tapes. A trail branches to the left to the first lake and there were people swimming there who said the water was perfect. Watch for sundews on the shore. Farther along, there is also a good swimming spot near where the trail first meets Lake Unwin. A side branch leads out to a small pebble beach that makes entering and leaving the water much easier than other places where you have to climb over logs or slippery rocks. Thanks to Marlene & Alec Mackenzie on M.V. GREENFLASH.
    15. Prideaux Haven, Melanie Cove - trail from the rock bluff at the entrance to the outhouse at the head of the cove. June 2010 The crew of M.V. J.G. Murphy marked trail with yellow surveyors tape. Trail needs work - took them 1 1/2 hrs. to complete.
    16. Roscoe Bay - trail to Black Lake and 1.5 miles beyond, along N side of lake, partially obscured by sword ferns. Ends abruptly at a cliff before end of lake.
    17. Roscoe Bay - Six km. (4 miles) trail up to summit of Llanover Mountain - 689 metres (2240 ft.) Starts by old log dump, on north side of bay about a 1/4 mile from head of bay. It is marked by surveyor ribbons - takes about 2 hrs. one way. Allow 5 hrs. for return trip. Well flagged. The first 5 km. follows an overgrown logging road. The final 1 km. is under a dense canopy of second growth forest. An interesting feature of the trail is the presence of many different mosses. From the peak there are views of Homfray Chan., Lewis Chan., & Teakerne Arm. Visible to the SW are Refuge Cove & Savary Is. To the E is Mt. Addenbrooke on E Redonda Is. (1600 m.) Anchor in bay. Caution - bar at entrance dries at 1 ft. of tide. The skipper of S.V. SUNDANCE , Dan, climbs it every day taking 75 mins. Paul, the Park Ranger does it in 60 mins. In July 2000 I took 79 mins going up and 85 coming down. At the top there are many ribbons to different viewpoints. Dan says the best view is to the left when you reach the top, overlooking Black Lake. All these ribbons confused me when I started down. Took a while to find the route back. When you reach the top, look back, so you'll know the way down. This is not an official trail of Roscoe Bay Marine Park and is not maintained by B.C. Parks.
    18. Roscoe Bay - a new trail. South Ridge Trail. Starts just inside of entrance. Coloured bumpers mark trailhead. Well marked with pink ribbons. Aug. 2000 climbed to the ridge in about 40 mins. No viewpoints but heard later if we had continued we would have come to one. Not an easy hike.
    19. Pendrell Sound - 2000- a new trail, 3/4 mile, leads to an excellent view point above Hepburn Pt. viewing Homfray Channel and entrance to Toba Inlet. Trailhead leaves slightly to the right of the rock bluff at the end of the sound. It is marked by three signs and flags.
    20. Pendrell Sound - a new trail constructed in 2002 with members of the Point Roberts Yacht Club, goes for 860 metres. It is our hope to continue this trail through to the bay in Pryce Channel which looks on to the Toba Wildernest Resort.
    21. Homfray Channel, Attwood Bay - a logging road crosses above Brettell Point and down into a small bay in Toba Inlet.
    22. Toba Inlet, opposite Brem Bay - east side of Snout Pt., a logging road winds up the hillside towards Mt. Grazebrooke.
    23. Toba Inlet - at head. This road bridges the estuary of the Tahumming River before continuing for several miles up the Toba Valley.
    24. Wildernest, Toba Inlet (behind Double Is.) hike to waterfalls and old logging roads going up inlet Tie up at docks.
    25. Teakern Arm Prov. Marine Park has a one kilometer trail around the falls & to Cassel Lake.
    26. Teakern Arm - logging road - dock opposite Wallace Is. ??
    27. Cortes Is., Squirrel Cove - 1. trail from west corner to Von Donop Inlet. Can only get to it by dinghy at high tide; 2. trails at head of cove (north end) to lagoon and across Is. 3. Trail above dock at Marilyn's leads to a 'T', left is to the store at Squirrel Cove, right is to Von Donop Inlet which takes about 50 mins. 4. trail just inside entrance to inner cove (by beached boat) joins road going through reserve & then to store. Natives don't mind you walking through reservation. Anchor in cove.
    28. Cortes Is., Squirrel Cove - 2003 a new trail which bypasses the native reserve (marked on charts), and connects to the old trail to the Von Donop/Robertson Lake trail. We did 2.5 km. of work, either new or rebuilt. We placed a sign to mark the new entrance which is at lat. 50° 08.5'N and long. 125° 55.4'W, just left of the small island (27) slightly below IR dotted line where it hits the beach. Trail to lagoon takes about one hour. Shortly after starting trail you will see a lg. cedar tree that had been cut down because it was hit by lightning. You can find bark from that tree for 100 feet or more. Must have been quite an explosion. The Indian midden that extends from the cove up the hill is probably one of the largest in the area.
    29. Cortes Is., Cortes Bay. 2003 Three walks thanks to Alec & Marlene Mackenzie on M.V. GREEN FLASH
      Walk #1 Linaea Farm start: Government dock, Cortes Bay Walk up Bartholomew Rd. and turn east (right)onto Cortes Bay Rd. Walk about half a kilometer until you are a little past the head of the bay and turn into a small road (driveway) on the left side where the main road turns right. Follow this road straight up until the road turns sharply to the left up a steep hill. Do not follow the road - walk straight instead and a path will climb over a hill and then drop back down to the back of Linaea Farm. Shortly before you get to the farm you will probably see trailhead markings for Kw'as Park on the left and Easter Bluffs on the right. you can walk around the farm and sometimes buy (expensive) organic vegetables at the stand at the far side of the farm.
      Walk #2 Kw'as Park start: west from Linaea Farm trail. Rough but well made trail up and down along the side of the lake to the main part of the Park, perhaps a kilometer or so. The park is well signed with many kilometers of well developed and maintained trails through a wide range of old and new growth, rock bluffs and lake front. Keep an eye out for the yellow mistletoe on some of the pine trees. Return to the trailhead via the road back to the farm or the trail you came in on. (third possibility - long swim across the lake!) Walk # 3 Easter Bluffs start: east from Linaea Trail or the Cortes Bay Road - make loop if you like. From the Linaea trailhead the trail gradually climbs through rock and open forests until it meets and crosses the Cortes Bay Road. The trail continues on for about a kilometer as it climbs to a maximum altitude of a couple of hundred meters on Easter Bluff. Great views to the south and west. Really nice open rock bluffs with pine, juniper, fir etc. Return to road via the same trail.. Return to the bay via the road or retrace your steps back on the trail to the Linaea Farm trailhead.
    30. Cortes Is., Manson's Landing Prov. Marine Park - to Hague Lake (1/2 mile from Govt. dock). Dogs not allowed on beach at lake
    31. Cortes Is., Carrington Bay - 2005 Logging roads in SW corner. Anchorage near the lagoon. Thanks to Nancy Kirkner on S.V. RESTLESS
    32. Cortes Is., Coulter Bay - trail from head of bay connects with road system. Anchor, limited swinging room.
    33. Cortes Is., Von Donop Inlet - Ha'thayim Prov. Marine Park - 3 trails in marine park starting by outhouse, plus several old logging roads. I walked all the trails in Aug.'00 1. left trail has a fork after about 18 mins. The right trail goes to the Von Donop lagoon in about another 12 mins. The left fork goes to the anchorage about half way in the inlet in another 11 mins. A ribbon on the trail said "alternate route to Squirrel cove - 50 mins."Wrong!! 2. Center trail goes across gap to Squirrel Cove mudflats (15 mins.) This is now labeled the Eagle Trail 3. right trail goes 3 km. to road from which you can walk to Whaletown or Squirrel Cove. A trail to the left on #3 trail marked "Squirrel Cove" comes out by Marilyn's Takeout which was not open in '00. A logging road next to the islet at the head of inlet goes for miles, towards the south end of Cortes. I walked it for 30 mins. and found a label calling it The Cougar Trail. Who would want to walk their dog on a trail called the cougar trail!!? 2002 walked to store at Squirrel Cove, took 90 mins.
    34. Cortes. Is.,Von Donop Inlet - at first opening on left after entering, a trail goes to Robertson & Wiley Lakes. Good swimming in Robertson Lk., Wiley is shallow with water lilies.
    35. Cortes Is., Robertson Cove - trail goes to Robertson & Wiley Lakes - connects with Von Donop Inlet trails. A painted rock marks start of trail.
    36. Quadra Is., Cape Mudge - trails between Cape Mudge and Newton Lake.
    37. Quadra Is., Rebecca Spit Prov. Marine Park - 4 km. trail through park. Anchor close to spit.
    38. Quadra Is., Village Bay - 1/4 mile trail north to south end of Village Bay Lake. Anchor north of fish farm.
    39. Quadra Is., Village Bay - access to Shellalligin Pass Trail possible from SW shoreline.
    40. Quadra Is., Octopus Islands Prov. Marine Park - head of Waiatt Bay, 1. trail to Small Inlet Prov. Marine Park, 2. trails to Newton Lake and Granite Bay. One mile to Newton Lake, three miles to Granite Bay. Hiked the trail to Newton Lake twice in 2000 and did the Small Inlet Portage Trail many times. With all the trees, fallen trees and roots you climb over I can't see portaging a canoe or kayak through it. Hiking it takes about 15 mins. Did the Newton Lake Trail in July 2000, met 9 people on the trail, then upon arriving, about 50 youngsters who had hiked from the Granite Bay end. They had been bussed in from a Quadra Is. youth camp. The sign is no longer on the S. I. trail showing the start of the N. L. trail but is just before reaching Small Inlet. In Aug. 2000 met 13 hikers on the trail. Took 48 mins. going up and 47 mins. return from Waiatt Bay. There is a pretty waterfall just before reaching N. L. A sign at the lake said not to use soap or shampoo in lake. At start of trail at Waiatt Bay there are many licorice ferns growing on the trees. 2008 The trail to Small Inlet has a fork in it. They both go to Small Inlet, but if you want to go to Newton Lake, be sure to bear left.
    41. Quadra Is., Yeatman Bay - Nice, easy 20 min. walk on old logging road to the east end of Main Lake. Go for a swim, portage a light boat or canoe for a paddle through the (extensive) Main Lake system of parks. Anchor in bay. Thanks to Alec & Marlene Mackenzie on M.V. GREEN FLASH.
    42. Quadra Is., Choate Bay - trail to Chonat Lake, starts at head of bay and crosses concrete dam.
    43. Quadra Is., Choate Bay- small road on south side of bay goes to Ashlar Lake.
    44. Quadra Is., Granite Bay - road to south end of Quadra. Trail to Newton Lake (see Octopus Is. above) Anchor near head of bay. Quadra Is. Trails website.
    45. Maurelle Is.- logging road from anchorage north of Antonio Pt.
    46. Read Is. - laced with trails and old logging roads.
    47. North Rendezvous Is. - trail circles island. Anchor inside islet at NW end.

      Dog Beaches:

      1. Shark Spit, Marina Island - this is where Bill Gates barges in palm trees etc. to convert this site into a South Pacific location for a summertime party!!




    2004 Most of the additions in Broughtons are taken from "Full Moon, Flood Tide" by Bill Proctor and Yvonne Maximchuk (Harbour Publishing). Anyone cruising this area should have this book.The trails added in Sept 2004 are taken from " Cruising Beyond Desolation Sound " by John Chappell - the cruising 'bible' in this area.

    TRAIL MAINTENANCE - Most of the trails north of Desolation Sound are not maintained by anyone except users, and the rain forest growth and winter blow downs soon take their toll. It would help if everyone brought along some sort of tool to trim things back: pruning shears, lopping shears, machete, hand saw or chainsaw, depending on one's initiative and boat size. Also when returning from a beach on a trail with deep mud holes, bring along a driftwood board to help make the trail more easily passable.

    1. Hemming Bay, East Thurlow Is. - trail to Hemming Lake. Anchor at head of bay. 2008 The trail to the lake is signed 'No Trespassing' The dock there is also gone.
    2. Sonora Is., Thurston Bay Prov. Marine Park - trail from anchorage to lagoon at Hanfield Bay. Anchor behind Block Is.
    3. Sonora Is., Thurston Bay - up old logging road to old Forestry Lookout atop Mount Tucker (2900 ft.)
    4. Sonora Is., Thurston Bay - old logging road 1.5 miles to Florence Lake from site of old forestry station. Starts by creek at north end of bay. Anchor inside island. 2003 Alec Mackenzie on M.V. GREEN FLASH reported to be almost impassable.
    5. Sonora Is., Handfield Bay - trail from northwest corner of bay, leads to Anchorage Lagoon at South end of Thurston Bay. July '00 took 5 to 10 mins., well marked by tape. Quite a few fallen trees and branches on the trail. 2008 Trail has major blowdown and is an adventure to traverse.
    6. Sonora Is., Owen Bay - Sept. 2005 Update on trail - Trail from government dock to Hole-in-the-Wall: from the govt. dock follow the road leading south past several homesteads. When you get to a fork in the road, take the left leg, which eventually leads slightly up hill. At the top of the hill, there is Teri Dahl's little craft shop (15 mins. from govt. dock), where she sells crafts as well as eggs,, fresh garden greens and ice. Continue along the road leading down to the water level again; the road beomes narrower and somewhat overgrown and its surface is planks. Do not follow the plank road which leads at a 90 degree angle to the right, but instead keep going straight along where the road ends and it becomes a foot path. The foot path at first goes through the forest but soon comes out along a bluff above the water. It ends at a point to the east of Springer Point, (marked on the chart) at a lovely terrace of rock and moss overlooking the junction of the Upper Okisollo Rapids and Hole-in-the-Wll, with a view across to the Octopus Islands. The whole trail takes about 30 mins. Thanks to Urs & Judy Boxler on S/V RAVEN SONG
    7. Sonora Is., Owen Bay - at head, a trail to interior of island.
    8. Sonora Is., Barnes Bay - logging roads lead to interior of island where there are several lakes.
    9. Raza Passage, Frances Bay - a short trail starts N of creek leading into open forest.
    10. Stuart Is., Big Bay - 3 trails. 1.trail across island to Murphy's Anchorage, passing Eagle Lake. 2.trail to Arran Rapids (not always open as it crosses private land), 2008 Trail closed. It's all a private reserve of a megamillionaire with lots of 'Keep Out' signs. 3. trail to south end of Is. ,which starts behind Govt. dock. Tie up at public floats (behind piling breakwater) or tie up at marina. Or climb Mt. Muehle (1700 ft.) starting from south side.
    11. Bute Inlet, across from Fawn Bay - a trail from here leads through a shallow pass in the mountains to the head of Estero Basin, 1.5 miles to the west.
    12. Bute Inlet, Fawn Bluff anchorage - several trails/logging roads. Half mile trail to Leask Lake. 2008 The anchorage is now filled with a private dock and mooring buoys. Two giant houses are on shore (rumoured to be Michelle Pfeiffer).
    13. Bute Inlet, July 2006 At the head of inlet, Homathko logging camp on the Homathko River Delta - start of logging roads.
    14. Dent Island - 2002 - short trail from lodge around island.
    15. East Thurlow Is., Shoal Bay - 2002 - Trail to Lookout and Gold Mines. Lookout is half way up the mountain and gold mines are above it. (lookout elevation approx. 316 metres or 1050 ft.) Start below 'pub'. Go along beach or go through grass paralleling shoreline. Cross the creek on stepping stones (in 2 places) then continue to trailhead. Trailhead is 2nd opening from lodge - has a log across it with stump on the right. May be marked with bleach bottles. Start of trail looks like a stream bed. Can be wet after a rain. Trail is marked by red and blue surveyors tape. 5 mins. in there is an old donkey engine on the left. After about 60 mins. look for arrow on trail made with stones, pointing left. Go left up hill which is now devoid of greenery. If you run out of red or blue markers you have gone too far. In about 15 mins. you will come to the lookout after taking 2 left turns. If where you come out is not a clear view go 50 ft. to the left where there is an old cross with a pie plate on it. (you can see the sun hitting the pie plate from the dock). To get to the Gold Mines go back to the last turnoff and continue to follow the red markers. Soon you will see some tailings on the left with a structure. The 1st gold mine is at the top of it, a small opening with a lg. pipe in front of it (a ventilation shaft?) The 2nd gold mine is probably above the 1st. There are so many red markers, it is confusing. The 3rd g.m. is to the right of the 2nd - it is a tunnel you can walk into. CAUTION - 50 ft. in is a vertical shaft you could fall into. It is pitch black and you won't see it. Take a flashlight on the hike with you. There are also lots of logging roads in the area. The 1st opening at the beach is an old road that loops around to the rear of the lodge. Logging roads start to south (right) of pink house on east side of bay across from dock. Mark MacDonald, the new owner of the lodge, hopes to clear the trails and open a new trail to Bickley Bay which goes by the old water tank with wooden pipes possibly 100 years old. Aug. '99 reached lookout 48 mins. after leaving boat.2004 - Mark & crew cleared the trail this spring and re flagged the route from the lookout to the walk-in gold mine. See caution above. Loop road behind lodge' is getting overgrown. Many did the trail this year. 2008 The start of the trail does not "look like a creek," it IS a creek. Also this trailhead is not accessible at high tide, as we discovered when we returned at high tide and were stranded. Thanks to Tom & Jean Keevil The Lodge website is www.shoalbaylodge.com
    16. East Thurlow Is., Bickley Bay - logging roads - anchor in bay. Thanks to Richard & Kathy Zech on S.V. ALPHA WAVE .
    17. Cordero Chan., Camp Cordero Lodge, behind Lorte Is. - a trail leads to an old logging road, and eventually to a lake.
    18. Blind Channel - All trails begin about 300 meters from Marina. 1. Viewpoint Trail 30 mins., 2. Big Cedar Trail 45 mins., 3. Forest Management Trail 60 mins. plus from Big Cedar Trail. Map available from marina. 2002 told the F.M.T. is getting overgrown. Aug. 2009 We did the FTM trail and were unable to find the markers after crossing into the area that was logged in 2008. Someone had piled a nice cairn, but after walking in several directions were still unable to find the trail and went back the way we came. Of course the tree is spectacular. Thanks to Margot Burks from Henry Is. WA
    19. Loughborough Inlet - Frazer Bay -logging roads. Thanks to Laurie & Mike Young on M.V. SHIKARI
    20. Loughborough Inlet - near Jack Creek - 2004 - old logging road.
    21. Forward Harbour, Douglas Bay - 15 min. hike to Bessborough Bay. 2002 - trail has a new start location well marked with bleach bottles etc. Over the last few years severe winter storms have knocked down lots of windfalls that blocked old trail. This new trail joins the old trail at the summit. There are many objects hanging from trees including a green gardeners watering can and above it a childs watering can. Lots of ferns by trail and one tree has 8 fungi growing from it. Bears in vicinity. Anchor in bay.
    22. Forward Harbour - old logging roads near head of hbr. on N side. Thanks to PASS TIME .
    23. Johnstone Strait, Helmcken Island 2008 The Dreamspeaker Guide talks about hiking on old logging roads starting at the log dump in the NW cove of Helmcken Is.. These roads are long grown over and impassable. Thanks to Tom & Jean Keevil.
    24. Port Harvey, Mist Islets - 2004 - behind old cabin is a trail to the next bay.
    25. Port Harvey Feb. 2009 hikes from new marina.
    26. Minstrel Is.- Aug. '99 Two trails start above compound on old logging roads of crushed rock (Don't wear thongs). At abandoned trailers road to right goes to a lookout over Chatham Channel between Littleton Point and Cutter Cove. Takes 25 mins. one way. 2. Trail to left goes to summit of Minstrel Is. (1440 ft., 439 m.) about 3 kilometers. 3. Trail on boardwalk from wharf goes left at end of boardwalk, then climbs up to a long grassy area where it becomes indistinct as to which way to go. If you continued straight you would probably run into one of the above old logging roads. June 2002 - follow the yellow ribbons to culturally modified trees. Hike to Quarry area which looks up Knight Inlet. Or follow road to top of Minstrel Is. elevation 1500 ft. Dogs are welcome off-leash if well behaved. Four resident dogs. July 2002 - Sadly most trails are becoming overgrown with alders. Trail to CMT's isn't complete. The yellow tape on trees stops partway. Searched a couple of times for the CMT's unsuccessfully. The red tape on trees is a trail that parallels The Blow Hole Channel but it also stops about 25 mins. from start. Since there is no underbrush, walking in the forest is fairly easy. Sylvia has flagged pink ribbons to a lg. fir tree where loggers started undercutting to fall it. They probably stopped because the tree was rotten inside. The tree has tried to fill in the undercut. Takes about 10/15 mins. one way. Trail starts off the old road above the buildings where the trail sign is. Don't keep going up the road. Sept. 2008 a developer has been creating rudimentary roads and clearing lots upshore from the old marina/resort which is still not managed. There are several roads that can be followed. Not extremely scenic. Watch for bears. Not sure you would be able to find the route to the culturally modified trees any more. Thanks to Corinne Severn on M.V. OCEAN MISTRESS
    27. Knight Inlet, Lull Bay - 2004 - old logging road, remnants of old railroad.
    28. Tribune Channel, Bond Sound - 2004 - trail up Ahta River.
    29. Tribune Channel, Kwatsi Bay - 2004 - hike to waterfalls - 10 mins. through open forest. July '00 it had been raining for two days so falls were roaring. Starts from beach close to marina.
    30. Tribune Channel, Wahkana Bay - 2004 - trail ` alongside creek at head of bay, starts south (left) side of creek.
    31. Tribune Channel, Rainy Point - 2004 - old logging roads go back a mile or more.
    32. Lagoon Cove Marina - 2002 Several trails - all start just before generator shed. 1. Hidden Midden - trail along shoreline, north to midden. About 15 mins. one way. 2. Hillside Loop Trail - about 20 mins. Trail has a new extension at the field end that is not as steep as old trail, or start from the field end above Exercise Station No 4. 3. Deer Trail and Lookout - about 35 to 45 mins. Lookout is over Lagoon Cove and the opposite shore to the marina. 4. Blow Hole Trail - goes to channel between Minstrel Island and East Cracoft Island. About 30 mins. each way. has a steep section when it climbs around private property. Well marked with white square pieces on trees. July 2002, did after heavy rain and it wasn't muddy.
    33. Gilford Bay - 2004 - a logging road follows the west side of Gilford Creek about 1.5 miles into the valley.
    34. Maple Bay (by Port Elizabeth) - 2004 - short hike leads to a logging road which crosses Gilford Is. to Shaol Hbr. near Echo Bay.
    35. Potts Lagoon - old logging road, starts in clearing by remains of wharf, leading well back into the hills past a lake and beaver dam. Anchor in lagoon. Sept. 2008 the trail from the clearing behind the ruins is good until you reach the water tanks used by the float homes. After that point it is very overgrown.
    36. Berry Island, Farewell Harbour - trails across island. Access through Farewell Harbour Yacht Club. Anchor in Hbr.
    37. Bonwick Island, Grebe Cove - 2002 - half way in on west side is a log dump with a small dock. Hike logging road. Thanks to Jim & Kathleen Blohm on S.V. PORPOISE .
    38. Gilford Is., Bootleg Cove - 2006 - short trail to next cove. Thanks to Nancy Kirkner on S.V. RESTLESS.
    39. Gilford Is., Trestle Bay - 2004 - a logging road goes into forest.
    40. Gilford Is., Shinglebolt Bay - 2004 - trail from head of bay to Shoal Harbour. Also a walk alongside creek.
    41. Gilford Is., Shoal Harbour - old logging roads. Anchor. Aug. 2009 After we had a great walk on the logging roads, 1 hr. 20 minutes, past a stone quarry, we turned around. Was a smooth road, and only 2 piles of bear scat! Met a fisherman as we were leaving and he said there was a nice trail up the side of the creek at the head of the harbour that crosses the road eventually. Thanks to Margot Burks of Henry Is., WA.
    42. Gilford Is., Echo Bay Prov. Marine Park - miles of old logging roads. Trail starts behind school. Follow the black water pipes up the hill, past two dams. Turn left, between two orange marked trees, and follow the markers over two small bridges to the logging road. Once at the logging road, turn left and walk to end. You will pass a small lake on the right and have views of Cramer Pass, Penphrase Pass to Tribune Channel. Look for piles of shingle bolts at side of road. (a shingle bolt is a block of cedar 8 ft. long that was split into shingles). Aug. 2000 took about an hour, one way. Tie up at marinas or anchor close to park wharf. 2003 Logging Road past lake totally overgrown with alders. Impassable. Sept. 2008 a trail now goes from the marina to Billy Proctor's museum. There are a few steep portions. Takes about 15 mins. to walk one way at 2.5 miles/hr.
    43. Gilford Is., inside Powell Point - 2004 - trail up to lake.
    44. Gilford Is., Scott Cove - 2004 - trail up side of creek.
    45. Gilford Is., Viner Sound - 2004 - walk along river, on right side (south).
    46. Baker Island - 2004 - north shore, near small peninsula - trail goes to old steam donkeys.
    47. Burdwood Islands - 2004 - old logging road on largest of islands. Starts on southeast side.
    48. Burdwood Islands - 2004 - across channel from beach is a short trail to a CMT. (a CMT is a culturally modified tree - a tree where long strips of bark were taken by the natives for making things.)
    49. Eden Is. - trail between Joe Cove and cove north of it. 2003 - Jim Elliott of S.V. OPUS 5 reports there is the beginning of a trail on Eden Is. from the Indian midden at the entrance to Joe Cove to Misty Channel that he hopes to finish. I've never found the trail from Joe Cove to the north cove that we call East of Eden. If I find it I'll mark it. We use blue tape now to mark trails as a friend of ours is colour blind to red. 2003 Jim marked (with blue tape) a new trail from Joe Cove to the drying flats at East of Eden Cove. Trailhead is at the end of cove in NE corner. Dinghy access at low tide is muddy. The trail is about 3/4 of a mile and ends in a tidal flat at 'East of Eden'. It is an easy walk.
    50. Broughton Island - Booker Lagoon - 2003. Jim Elliott on S.V. OPUS 5 reports that he marked a new trail almost to Greenway Sound. "I didn't quite make it to Greenway as I ran out of tape. Trailhead is at NE corner, opposite entrance. It is about 3 1/2 miles long and as I ran out of tape about 100 yards from Greenway Sound, I can't report on that end yet. No view points. The bay where it starts has a good sample of an early fish trap and midden." 2004 The four fish farms that were in the lagoon have been removed. Also there are remains of a logging road. 2004 Trail is complete marked with blue tape - takes about one hour one way.
    51. Broughton Island, Twin Lagoon - 2004 - trail to beaver dam.
    52. Broughton Island, Deep Harbour - 2004 - old road goes about a half mile.
    53. Simoon Sound, McIntosh Bay - 2004 - trail up to lake, walk up left (west) side of creek. From the deeper bay to the right (east) of the creek walk about 150 ft. to connect with the road that goes to Belleisle Sound or in the other direction to Moore Bay.
    54. Simoon Sound, Hannant Point - 2004 - old logging road. O'Brien Bay, Simoon Sound - 2004 - short hike through lagoons to Shawl Bay.
    55. Broughton Island, Sir Edmund Bay - old logging road, good viewpoint. Tie up at INTERFOR dock in west arm, south side, when not in use.
    56. Moore Bay - B.C. Forest Service Recreation Sight. Park with trails. Tie up to one of three buoys or anchor in bay southwest of Thief Is. or in bay east of the easternmost Is. in Moore Bay. 2003 Jim Elliott on S.V. OPUS 5 started to mark a trail up towards a small lake when he found himself amongst all sorts of blue markers used by a timber survey. Not wanting to conflict with the forestry, he removed his blue markers. Next year he will use blue tape marked "TRAIL". 2005 Nancy Kirkner on S.V. RESTLESS could not find any trail.
    57. Kingcome Inlet, Ellen Creek - 2004 - - walk up the road.
    58. Kingcome Inlet, Charles Creek - 2004 - - trail on north (left) side of creek (looking up creek from beach) walk up to big pool at about 1300 ft.
    59. Kingcome Inlet, Anchorage Cove - 2004 - - hike across Ahta Valley to Bond Sound.
    60. Wakeman Sound, Corson Creek - 2004 - - walk up north left) side to top of waterfalls.
    61. Broughton Island, Cypress Harbour - B.C. Forest Recreation Site. Hike old logging road which starts behind abandoned log dump near head of harbour. 1998, hiked this road for an hour/one way and it looked like it could go for miles. Always through trees. No viewpoint, but an easy walk. Anchor at Miller Bay or Berry Cove.
    62. Greenway Sound - trail to Broughton Lake, trail continues along lake to creek and then follows creek to Beaver Dam Lake. Map drawn by Trev Roote available from marina. Trail maintained by B.C. Forest Service, starts at dinghy dock, a 1/4 mile from marina. Tie up at marina and dinghy over or at single mooring buoy by dinghy dock. Trail map
    63. Clayton Bay - 2004 - - north bay, west side - old logging road. 2005 Jim Elliott couldn't find trail.
    64. Watson Island, Woods Bay - 2004 - - remains of old road.
    65. Turnbull Cove - B.C Forest Service Recreation Site. Trail quite steep. Can be muddy. Goes to Huaskin lake.
    66. Turnbull Cove - Dec. 2006 Dinghy out of Turnbull Cove, go west toward Roaringhole Rapids. On the north shore before the rapids is a great logging road for views of Huaskin Lake. Thanks to Bill & Pam Racow on M.V. INCOMMUNICADO Sept. 2008 the logging road is still there and makes a good hike. There are no logging operations there this summer.
    67. North Nimmo Bay - Aug. 2009 Go to a beach north of the resort, (be sure not to invade the privacy of the resort) and you will find a trail that follows the north shore marked by pink ribbons and wood fish plaques (close to the resort).. Trail goes at least to the edge of the beach at the head of the bay, we turned around before the trail ran out....beautiful, lots of old growth stumps with springboard holes cut out and several creeks. Thanks to Margot Burks of Henry Is., WA.
    68. Mackenzie Sound - Anchor at head, hike to Mackenzie Lake. Interesting petroglyph close to trailhead. Jim Elliott has marked the trail to petroglyph with blue tape, the existing red tape goes to the lake.
    69. Drury Inlet, Richmond Bay - 2004 - - hike up to lake
    70. Drury Inlet, Jennis Bay Sept. 2008there are two logging roads that lead from the marina. The one to the right heads up to Huaskin Lake (7.5 km one way) but has a spur that goes to the beach south of the marina for a much shorter hike. The other logging road heads left (north) and climbs the hillside. The owners of the marina have excellent information about the routes and lengths of the roads. Their dog Bravo likes to accompany people on hikes. Thanks to Corinne Severn on M.V. OCEAN MISTRESS.
    71. Drury Inlet, Sutherland Bay - 2004 - -Two trails lead over the hills to Bradley Lagoon near Blunden Harbour, and it is possible to hike from Sutherland Bay to Seymour Inlet. One older trail apparently leads to Cohoe Bay, also near Blunden Hbr..
    72. Drury Inlet, Acteon Sound, Creasy Bay Nov. 2008 Logging road; at 1 km take left fork to Skene Bay; or right fork to another fork at 3km mark. Right fork to overlook Creasy Bay (3 mile total) and overlook Huaskin Lake and Upper Acteon (3.5 miles) or left fork at 3 km mark toward Warner Bay in Seymour Inlet (at 6km left fork to Warner, right fork up to Tsibass Lagoon overlook). Thanks to Pam & Bill Racow on M.V. INCOMMUNICADO. Also a hike up Creasy Creek leads to Creasy Lake.
    73. Drury Inlet, Acteon Sound Nov. 2008 Gleyka Cove logging road from logging camp to Marion Lake.
    74. Drury Inlet, Acteon Sound - - north side of Skene Bay - overgrown road that leads to old tractor and old gold mine.
    75. North Broughton Island, off Wells Passage, Tracey Harbour, Napier Bay Sept. 2008 Several excellent logging roads where the logging operation was once located. The float homes previously reported in several cruising guides have been removed. There is a dock still available on the west side of the harbour that is convient for dinghy access. People anchoring in the bay need to still beware of the pipelinetht crosses the bay as shown on several charts and in the cruising guides.
    76. Wehlis Bay - 2004 - (opposite Tracey Hbr.) old logging road.
    77. old trail from Kenneth Bay to Blunden Hbr.
    78. Hansen Is. -Double Bay Resort - a trail through the rainforest.
    79. Hansen Is., Burnt Point - to Cedar trail & Whale watching trail. Thanks to Nancy & John Kirkner on S.V. RESTLESS
    80. Cormorant Is., Alert Bay - Aug.'00 - 10.5 km. of trails have been built all over the island. One is the Big Tree Interpretive Trail with 15 stops. A booklet, explaining the stops is for sale for $2.00 at the tourist bureau at Alert Bay & other stores. It also has a map showing all the trails with distances. The Gator Gardens are now called The Ecological Park. Anchor or tie up to municipal floats at Alert Bay.
    81. Malcolm Is., Beautiful Bay Trail a 5km. one way trail between Bere Point and Malcolm Point on the north side of island. Trailhead is at Bere Point campground. Trail has several beach accesses. Passes a giant sitka spruce (64.6m - 212 ft.) and crosses Puoli Vali Canyon (easy stairs up & down). To exit you have to return to Bere Point. Round trip - 5 hours; highest elevation 63.7m - 260 ft. Rated as a moderate hike. Map of trail available at various outlets on Is. Tie up to public dock in Rough Bay. July 2002 On Dec. 13, 2001, winds were recorded at the Pultenay Pt. lighthouse of 26 to 112 knots, that's 48 to 207 km. per hr. The trail was covered by windfalls. Trail from Bere Pt. to Puoli Valley was cleared for 2002, hopefully the rest will be open for the summer of 2003. In July 2002 walked from the boat harbour to Bere Pt. in 1 hr. 18 mins. return trip was 1 hr. 12 mins. Public dock in Rough Bay. July 2004 - Full trail with detour in operation.
    82. Malcolm Is. - Mateoja Heritage Trail, a new (2001) 3 km. trail in the middle of island. Begins at water tower above 3rd St. at 9th Ave. above town site. Aug. 2004 A shortcut from the boat harbour is to walk up either Alert or Anderson Rds. (Between wharves) Turn right at 2nd St. to 9th Ave., turning left. Or from 1st St. take short trail beside wall saying "Sointula, Place of Harmony" which comes out on 9th. Goes through site of 1923 forest fire, passes three lakes and crosses Melvin's Bog. Round trip - 3 hrs. from trailhead. Rated as a moderate hike. Map of trail available at various outlets on Is. July 2002 Walked from the boat basin to Big Lake deck in 2 hrs. Return trip was 1 hr. 30 mins. Lots of steps in the 2nd half. The M. I. Trail Clearing Committee has future plans for more trails and making both of these trails into loop trails.
    83. Malcolm Is. - July 2004 - trail to Shiels Bay - trailhead is off Mainline Rd. above bay. You can go straight down using the ropes on the incline or use an old cat road which is on the left just after starting the trail. Trailhead is unmarked.
    84. Malcolm Is.- July 2004 - Trail to Big Cedar - a red ribbon marks the trailhead on the Mainline Road - start is overgrown with salal. About 12 mins. in is a huge cedar. Thanks to Philip Landsdowne on fishboat DIPPER .
    85. Malcolm Is. - July 2004 - Beachwalk to Pultenay Pt. Lighthouse - a 5.5 mile hike along beach from Rough Bay. Beaver Harbour, Vancouver Is. - June Cameron in her latest book "Shelter From The Storm" (2001) mentions Deer Island has trails throughout. Don Douglass shows a trail going N from 'Herald Rock Cove'. Anchor off Fort Rupert, west of Cattle Islands, in Patrician Cove or in what D.D. calls 'Herald Rock Cove'.
    86. North Coast Trail- between Port Hardy and Cape Scott - 2003 being planned.
    87. Nigei Island, Port Alexander - trail to Clam Cove (local name) 40 mins. return trip. Also lots of old logging roads on island. Anchor in Port Alexander or Clam Cove. Port Alexander is exposed to southerlies whereas Clam Cove is 'a hurricane hole'. When entering Clam Cove keep to the right of the islet with a board saying 'Clam Cove'. The reef marked in mid channel is slightly to the right of center so keep slightly to the left of mid channel. Don Douglass' book says " some report that the entrance lies immediately north of the two islets above the peninsula. Thanks to Kevin Van Cleemput on M.V. DIRONA
    88. Vancouver Island, Beaver Harbour - 7 km. Tex Lyon Trail . low tide required for getting around rock bluff. Allow 4.5 hrs. for one way. Anchor in Beaver Hbr.
    89. Hurst Is., God's Pocket Prov. Marine Park - trail across island to Harlequin Bay. (20 mins.) and short trail to next cove. Tie up to floats or mooring buoys. Aug. 2003 Mooring buoys gone.
    90. Shelter Bay, Cove east of Westcott Point - July 2004 - 50°58.52' white sand beach and campsites for "the Little People" - new trail marked - trailhead is quite steep. "Don't know where it goes or how long it is". Thanks to Ron & Sharon Olsen on S.V. SCAMPI .
    91. Skull Cove, south of Miles Inlet - 2004 - 4 or 5 trails start by kayakers cabin at SW corner. Thanks to Jim and Devon Surgent on S.V. JADE .
    92. Shushartie Bay, Vancouver Is. - two trails at head of bay. Left trail goes up Shushartie Mtn. and right trail goes to mouth of Nahwitti River and probably ties in with trails in Cape Scott Park.
    93. Hope Is., Bull Harbour - old road from old Govt. dock to abandoned Coast Guard Station, Roller Beach. June 2001 - Trail to Roller Beach starts about 15 min. walk on road from wharf when you see a small pond with a tiny wharf. Trail starts just past the pond behind the shed. A sign saying "beach" was leaning against shed. This trail goes to a sandy beach. To go to pebble beach continue further on the road until you see an opening to the beach. The whole island is a native reserve. - 2004 - hear the natives are charging $15.00 to anchor and $5.00 to go ashore. Sept. 2009 Whether you are charged or not by the natives depends upon who is there at the time. Friendly natives didn't charge us, and said there was one fellow who was charging when he was there; so it is a bit of lottery I suppose. Thanks to Tom & Jean Keevil on S.V. ROVER.
    94. Turret Rock (Tremble Is.) Nakwakto Rapids - 100 ft. trail to viewing platform in tree on NE side of island. Belize Inlet - logging roads in west end of Strachan Bay, Mereworth Sound. Belize Inlet, Strachan Bay - Sept. 2004 - good trail up to Pack Lake from the head of the bay, 100 yards to the west (of the creek?) Belize Inlet, Alison Sound, Chief Hollis Bay - Dec. 2006 Good logging road on west side of bay. Thanks to Bill & Pam Racow on M.V. INCOMMUNICADO
    95. Allison Harbour - Sept. 2004 - walk over to Schooner Channel. Also hike up to lake via creek bed.

      Dog Beaches:

    1. Handfield Bay, Cameleon Hbr., Sonora Is. - lovely flat beach/island, grassy & assessable - thanks to Alan & Jane Fantel on M.V. CALLIOPE
    2. Cutter Cove
    3. July 2004 - Cordero Islands - when entering go to right and anchor. There is a nice beach there. Thanks to Gerry & Dorothy (& Duncan) on M.V. FINDOCHTYBurdwood Group - sandy beach Sullivan Bay Marina - grassy area on a float dedicated to dogs.
    4. Shawl Bay Marina - K9 Yacht Club, grassy area on a float dedicated to dogs.
    5. Burdwood Group sandy beach
    6. Booker Lagoon - small islet opposite entrance. Grassy trail. There are 2 islands in the bay north of the entrance. This is the one on the right. Thanks to Jim Elliott on S.V. Opus 5
    7. Blunden Hbr. - beach, land above high water is Indian Reserve.


    G. WEST COAST OF VANCOUVER ISLAND - north to south An excellent reference is the Backroad Mapbook - Vol. 2 Vancouver Island backroadmapbooks websiteSept. 12, 2009 All the updates made on this date are thanks to Tom & Jean Keevil on S.V. ROVER

    1. North end of Is., Fisherman Bay - trail to abandoned Hansen Colony - Cape Scott Prov. Park - 25 miles of trails
    2. Cape Scott isthmus - trail to lighthouse. Anchor in Experiment Bight or Guise Bay, depending on weather conditions.
    3. Sea Otter Cove - 2 mile trail from NW head of cove to Lowrie Bay. Starts north of small creek. Marked by float hanging in tree. Can be muddy, even in dry season. Don Douglass called it 'quick mud'. 2 hour return trip. Sept. 12, 2009 Recommend everyone return from the beach with a driftwood board to help bridge the marshy spots.
    4. Sea Otter Cove - trail to San Josef Bay from NE head of cove.
    5. Sea Otter Cove - trail to Eric Lake.
    6. San Josef Bay - trail ties into Cape Scott trails - starts at north point at entrance to inner bay. Also ties into Old Wagon Road, which goes by Ronning Garden & on to Holberg Inlet.
    7. Raft Cove Prov. Marine Park - trail goes northeast to a logging road (40 mins.) 1.2 km. - trail head is on north side of cove at lg. sandy beach. - fair weather anchorage.
    8. Hecht Beach - short trail joins logging road.
    9. Quatsino Sound, Browning Inlet - 3/4 mile primitive trail from north end of head to Grant Bay on outside of Vancouver Is. Immense sandy beach. 30 min. one way - wear boots. Beware of tides, end of inlet is mud flat.
    10. Quatsino Sound, Winter Cove - boardwalk along shore. Look for 'stairs' on side trail to road. They are cut out of a lg. log. Check at store for a new trail to Grant Bay that starts above store. Several docks or anchor next to public dock. Sept. 12, 2009 Be sure to go to the end of the boardwalk. It seems to end in someone's yard, but keep on going and it resumes.
    11. Quatsino Sound, Pamphlet Cove - short trail going to south side of Drake Island. in '95 2001 could not find the trail, even after being shown by a fisherman exactly where it started. Another boater, Yori Ikoma of S.V. HARMONY searched for it; found it started in the SW corner of the lagoon; it is flagged with surveyors tape. Sept. 12, 2009 Trail is in the inner lagoon - not accessible at low tide. It's not really a trail, it is a route flagged with old surveyer's tape, much of which is gone or buried under windfall. We recycled some of the tape to make a usable route, but is still rather sketchy. A neat old rusted logging donkey is at the end.
    12. Quatsino Sound, Atkins Cove - short trail to Kokwina Cove.
    13. Quatsino Sound, Holberg Inlet - see San Josef Bay above.
    14. Gooding Cove - new trail on east side of creek.
    15. Klaskino Inlet - from the 2002 Waggoner - "Correspondent Gil Flanagan went all the way to the head of Klaskino Inlet (about 4 miles from Scouler Pass), and recommends the anchorage behind the little island near the head. He says shore access is excellent, with logging roads for walking. Make noise, there's bears in them woods."
    16. Columbia Cove - trail to south side of Brooks Peninsula. July 2001 - wear gumboots if there has been recent rain. Wet sections. Quite a few fallen trees to go under. Takes 15 to 20 minutes. Starts at Park Sign at S end of drying part of cove. If tide is going out don't get caught with dinghy high and dry. Great sandy beach is your reward. Sept.12, 2009 No more fallen trees to go under; all have been cleared.
    17. Spring Island - trail across is., N to S.
    18. Kyuquot Sound, Walter's Cove Sept. 12, 2009 A good trail goes NE from the public wharf past the homes and fishing resort to Kyuquot Point. A branch goes south from a grove of large trees to East Cove.
    19. Kyuquot Sound, Rugged Point Prov. Marine Park - 2 trails between outer and inner beaches. Anchor off inner beaches. Sept.12, 2009 Only found one trail to the outer beach, but it is excellent. At the beach, a steep climb to the south over a headland goes to the much larger southern beach. Incredibly fine, hard sand beaches. Kyuquot residents confirmed sightings of grizzly bears in this area.
    20. Catala Island Prov. Marine Park - rustic trail to lake in centre of island. Anchor on east side of spit on north side of island.
    21. Queen Cove - trail up to Park Lake. Starts behind ruins of fish cannery.
    22. Owossitsa Indian Reserve, Nootka Is. - trail to Owossitsa Lake. 1km.
    23. Zeballos - Ehatis Forest Walk. July 2001 - trail is overgrown and has been broken up by pile of rocks, which were taken from creek to develop a salmon spawning ground. Needs to be resigned. Sept.12, 2009 There are three trails. The Zeballos River Estuary Trail is accessed by a footbridge off Pandora St. It is well-maintained short loop. The Nature Trail is reached by going through town and left over the river on the bridge. The trail to the right goes to a popular swimming hole. The Little Zeballos Trail goes south from town, but we didn't hike it. Thanks to Tom & Jean Keevil on S.V. ROVER.
    24. Tahsis - Ubedam Creek Trail - starts across the road from the Govt. dock. Cardiac Climb Trail - starts across road from United Church.
    25. Gold River to Tahsis Great Walk - Great Walk 40 miles, 63.5 km. 2009 (32th walk) is scheduled for June 6th. Nootka Is., Nuchatlitz Inlet, Louie Bay, Nootka Is. - overgrown trail to Ferrer Point. Sight of old radar station, later used as Esperanza Mission Camp. Nootka Trail- between Louie Bay, Nuchatlitz Inlet and Friendly Cove. Follows west coast of Nootka Is. 30 km. Alternates between beaches and headlands. Takes five to six days. The Federation of B.C. Mountain Clubs has produced a one-sheet trail guide including a sketch map.
    26. Nootka Sound, Friendly Cove -Yatz-mahs Trails "walk around"-trails were constructed by local youths working under the Environment Youth Program, and are cooperatively managed by the Mowachaht/Muchalaht, Ministry of Forests, and Western Forest Products Ltd. The main trail starts by church and parallels shore for about 2 miles to the lagoon. Just past the cabins is a trail junction. The right trail will take you through old growth trees. At a 2nd junction the left fork is easy going and leads to a rocky point and unnamed lake. The last section of this trail might be flooded during the wet seasons. The right fork is a steep up and down section before terminating at Aa-aak-quaksius Lake, also known as Jewitt Lake. A brochure is available at the church.
    27. Nootka Sound, Santa Gertrudis Cove - Sept. 12, 2009 minimal, somewhat obscure trail marked by surveyor's tape can be found behind the south-west pebble beach going to Jewitt Lake. Nice old growth forest. Guidebooks tout the lake as a place to swim, but this shore is choked with logs. Good swimming access is available from the Friendly Cove trails. We cut back some of the undergrowth to make the route more obvious. Thanks to Tom & Jean Keevil on S.V. ROVER.
    28. Hisnit Inlet trail at head to Deserted Lake. 1.2 km.
    29. Hesquiat Hbr, Hesquiat Peninsula Prov. Park - a planked trail to Estevan Pt., 3.5 miles to west. primitive trails follow shoreline.
    30. Hesquit Peninsula Trail - Goes from Boat Harbour around Peninsula to Escalante Point. 32 km.
    31. Boat Basin, Hesquit Hbr. to Hot Springs Cove - rough trail along old telegraph trail.
    32. Hot Springs Cove (Maquinna Prov. Park) - 1.5 mile boardwalk to hot springs. Tie up to public float or at 6 buoys or anchor in bay. Dogs not allowed on boardwalk.
    33. Hot Springs Cove - west side - Sea Caves Trail
    34. Hot Springs Cove - rustic boardwalk to ocean, passing a lake. Starts at Native settlement on west side of cove. Trail made with split logs. One hour one-way. On native reserve so ask permission to use. Thanks to Al Kitchen & Gaye Lounsbury on S.V. WYNDSPREE.
    35. Hot Springs Cove - Old charts show trail from cove north of public dock across peninsula to inlet.
    36. Shelter Inlet (north of Flores Is.) Megin River Trail to Megin Lake and beyond.
    37. Bedwell Sound (north of Meares Is.) Trail goes into Strathcona Provincial Park.
    38. Sydney Inlet, Young Bay - 1/4 mile trail to Cecilia Lake. Trail almost overgrown.
    39. Clayoquot Sound, Marktosis - 1 mile trail to warm springs at Matilda Inlet.
    40. Flores Is., Matilda Inlet - 1/2 mile trail at head to Whitesand Beach (Gibson Prov. Marine Park) Anchor in inlet or tie up to dock at Ahousat Store. Aug. 2001 A new trail has been cleared from behind the store, which goes to the Warm Springs and then to Whitesand Beach. The Springs are beside the anchorage so you can pick up the trail there. If it has been raining trail is wet. Remains of old boardwalk trail are evident. Recommend everyone return from the beach with a driftwood board to help bridge the marshy spots
    41. Flores Is., Ahousat Wild Side Heritage Trail. An 11 km. trail along west side of Flores Is., built by 20 youth in 1996. Starts at Marktosis, goes through Gibson Marine Park to Cow Bay, through First Nations Reserve so hikers should ask permission. Every km. or so, a sign tells about a historical or cultural event. A $5.00 charge is asked for. A guide is available from Trail Office in Marktosis. Takes 6 hours one way. Tie up at store floats or anchor in Matilda Inlet. Also old logging road behind store.
    42. Meares Island - three km.loop trail starts at S end of Lemmens Inlet on the low peninsula, Big Cedar Trail leads to Hanging Cedar Garden, estimated to be more than 2000 years old. Canada's largest known western red cedar.
    43. Meares Island - Heelboom Bay Sept. 12, 2009 Short trail from cabin back into old growth forest.
    44. Meares Island - Mosquito Hbr.- Jan. 2005 - at head is a short trail to a lg. cedar.
    45. Vargas Island Prov. Park - Sept. 2005 a 3 kilometer trail across island. The historic telegraph trail from east side of island (at Vargas Is. Inn) leads to Ahous Beach on the west side of island. Part of trail is cedar planks. Maintained by B.C. Parks..
    46. Meares Island - Lone Cone Trail
    47. Tofino Inlet - Cannery Bay - trail to Kenn Falls and Kennedy Lake Long Beach Trails
    48. Ucluelet- Wild Pacific Trail - a 14 km. trail being constructed which will eventually go to Halfmoon Bay in Pacific Rim National Park. May/06 - 8.5 km. completed, joins the He-Tin-Kis Boardwalk to loop back to road. - starts where Peninsula Road Y's with Coast Guard Road - has 16 viewpoints. Takes 35 to 40 mins. (from the 42 steps public dock took just under 2 hours. return) Goes past Amphitrite Point Lighthouse. An easy walk - highly recommended. 2003 Construction of Phase 3 & 4 of the Wild Pacific Trail has been completed from Big Beach Park to the bike path just outside of Ucluelet.
    49. Ucluelet - other trails from here are: 1. He-Tin-Kis Trail - this is a boardwalk which is included in the Wild Pacific Trail. 2. Big Beach Trail - Aug. 2001 entrance from Bay St. is blocked off as a 20 ft. section of boardwalk has collapsed. Best entrance is off Matterson Drive. 3.Gold Mine Trail 4. Willowbrae Trail. Access is on Willowbrae Rd. off the Pacific Rim Highway (5 min. drive from town) Goes to Halfmoon Bay.
    50. Barkley Sound, Effingham Is. , Effingham Bay - 20 min. trail across island - starts at the eastern end of the bay to the Indian Reservation on the east side of island. Large cave along shore. Anchor in bay.
    51. Barkley Sound, Hand Is. - a short trail leads from the campsite to a meadow where discarded logging equipment rusts in the bush.
    52. Barkley Sound, Pipestem Inlet, Lucky Creek - trail starts at left of waterfall.
    53. Barkley Sound, Benson Island - a trail leads to a gravel beach on the SW side where there is a dramatic pinnacle of rock. Island now has wolves, and camping is forbidden.
    54. Barkley Sound, Clark Is. - a trail crosses the island from beach with cabin behind it.
    55. Barkley Sound, Wouwer Is. - a short trail across island to a beach that faces the Pacific Ocean.
    56. Barkley Sound - Dodd Is.- May 2004 - trail on east side of isl. Trailhead at park sign, no dogs allowed, relatively easy hike, about .2 miles to creek, might continue further. Thanks to Bernice & Gene Koch on M.V. ILLUSION
    57. Barkley Sound, Fleming Is. - Port Alberni Yacht Club outstation. (visitors welcome) several trails across Is.
    58. Map available at clubhouse. Tie up to club floats.
    59. Barkley Sound, Bamfield - roads and trail to Brady Beach. 30 mins. one-way. Tie up to public float.
    60. Barkley Sound, Bamfield - road/trail to Pachena Point.
    61. Barkley Sound, Bamfield - trail from head of inlet to Keeha Bay. 3 km. from head of inlet, forks off Cape Beale Trail. marked by surveyors tape, quite steep near bay.
    62. Barkley Sound, Bamfield - trail to lighthouse at Cape Beale. 6 km. (4 miles) from head of inlet, marked by surveyors tape.
    63. Alberni Inlet, China Creek - trails
    64. West Coast Lifesaving Trail - start at Pachena Bay or Port Renfrew -Reservations required. 70 km. of wilderness hiking. Tie up to docks at Bamfield or anchor at Port San Juan.
    65. Port San Juan, Mill Bay - Jan. 2003 - trail up to road (some steep sections) going to parking lot and then trails to Botany Bay & Botanical Beach. Botanical Beach is the trailhead for the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, which is a 47 km. wilderness trail going SE to China Beach. Juan de Fuca TrailThanks to Pat Shera on S.V. MORGAN LE FAY.
    66. Sooke Harbour, Whiffen Spit - trail out Whiffen Spit - anchor at inside end of spit.
    67. Becher Bay, East Sooke Capital Regional Park - Many trails. Old logging roads cut through park to Babbington Hill and Mount Maquire. Anchor in Murder Bay or in Anderson Cove in Sooke Basin.
    68. Witty's Lagoon Capital Regional Park - trails behind spit to waterfall at head of lagoon. Map available. The lagoon is a bird sanctuary. Anchor in Parry Cove or north of Haystock Islets.

    Dog Beaches:

    1. Sea Otter Cove - on east shore, in line with south row of buoys - good sand/gravel beach, no mud at low tide.
    2. Quatsino Sound, Forward Inlet, Matthews Is. - gravel beach close to 3 'hurricane' buoys.
    3. Quatsino Sound, Julian Cove has a large grassy area at the head.
    4. Quatsino Sound - Koprino Harbour - East Cove. Small pebble beach. Anchor in cove.
    5. Columbia Cove - At low tide the western part dries to a hard sand beach with no mud.
    6. Battle Bay - long sandy beach - anchor just off beach.
    7. Klaskino Anchorage - Good sand beach at the mouth of the creek SW of the anchorage. Also a nice waterfall on this creek.
    8. Ahous Bay, Vargas Is. Prov. Marine Park sandy beaches. anchor off beach



    H. NORTH COAST & QUEEN CHARLOTTE IS. - north of Cape Caution

    1. Egg Is. - 51°14.93' - trail across Is. - temp. anchorage in small cove on east side.
    2. Smith Sound, Dsulish Bay. 51°20.27' A trail goes to Goose Bay.
    3. Smith Inlet, Docee River- 2005- dirt road (20 mins.) to DFO Facility and remains of corduroy road. Pacific Yachting Aug. 2005 - article by Jennifer & James Hamilton M.V. DIRONA
    4. Smith Inlet, Boswell Inlet, Security Bay Nov. 2008 Good road to Robert Arm in Draney Inlet. Also Naysash Inlet logging road at Naysash Creek to Caroline Lake. Overgrown but still passable. Thanks to Pam & Bill Racow on M.V. INCOMMUNICADO.
    5. Draney Inlet, Allard Bay- 2006 - at the head, trail to Allard Lake is on the east side of the creek - Pacific Yachting - July 2005
    6. Draney Inlet- 2006 - to Caroline Lake on old logging road (trail) about 2000 ft. NW of Caroline Creek outlet - Pacific Yachting July 2005 Thanks for additional info to Bill & Pam Racow on M.V. INCOMMUNICADO
    7. Open Bight - 51°22.17' - 40 yd. trail - anchor near sandy beach.
    8. Calvert Is., Safety Cove - 51°31.85' - old mining roads, also a trail begins on the south shore, marked by tape. Anchor in 10 fathoms. Aug. 2004 Randy & Tracey Grout on M.V. HIGH SEAS DRIFTER reported they could not find the trails.
    9. Fish Egg Inlet, Illahie Inlet - logging roads at head. Anchor at head. Nov. 2008 Logging road overgrown and impassable.
    10. Fish Egg Inlet, near Oyster Bay - logging roads. Nov. 2008 Bill & Pam Racow could not find logging road.
    11. Hakaii Recreation Area - the only trails in the area are those off Kwakshua Channel. Map available at Ranger Station in Pruth Bay.
    12. Calvert Is., Kwakshua Chan. - Keith Anchorage - 51°39.05' - trail to microwave station. It is an old access road and could be overgrown at start. Park Ranger said they planned clearing it. Rocky shoreline at start not kind to dinghies.
    13. Calvert Is., Kwakshua Chan., Pruth Bay - 51°39.27' - 1. trail to West Beach. A detour trail goes around lodge. Mask carved in tree is now close to the store. Go right at end of wharf, past lodge where trail is marked by a sign. 15 min. walk. Half mile long sandy beach. In mid July look for Black Lilies on rock cliff at north end of beach. 2.Trail at north end of West Beach goes to North Beach, a 20 min. hike for agile hikers. A log crosses over corner of lake with rope handhold. 3. Trail at south end of West Beach goes to 7 different beaches and a view lookout. Trailhead marked by a white arrow. Requires some rock cliff climbing with a rope handhold. My dog had no problems doing it. Staff at fishing lodge were very friendly and knowledgable about trails. Ask them.
    14. Calvert Is., Kwakshua Chan., North Bay - trail to Choked Passage. Only assessible at high tide because of drying mudflats covering 2/3rds of bay. Park Ranger advises taking a compass.
    15. Namu - 51°51.73' - boardwalk to Namu Lake. Anchor in Inner Warrier Cove or deep inside Rock Inlet or tie up at dock around corner from wharf.
    16. Hunter Island - Kayak Cove - 2006 51°53' 128°13' trail to Superstition Point. Pretty overgrown. Thanks to Bruce Evertz on M.V. TAPAWINGO .
    17. Kisameet Bay. 51°56' 127°54' Trail to Kisameet Lake, starts south of river. Takes about 30 minutes. Could be muddy after rain.
    18. Burke Channnel - July 2004 - Doc Creek 51°57.6' 127°40' logging roads. There might be logbooms to tie to inside breakwater.Thanks to Philip Landsdowne on fishboat DIPPER .
    19. Campbell Is. 52°00' 128°15' 2002 Anne Vipond in Pacific Yachting mentions a trail from the white clamshell beach south of Soulsby Point anchorage, at the south end of Campbell Is.
    20. Codville Lagoon, B.C. Prov. Marine Park - 52°03.68' - trail to Sager Lake (1/2 mile, 30 mins.) Anchor far east side by trail sign. Trail built by Ocean Falls Yacht Club. Fairly steep trail. Has not been maintained and is now quite primitive. Can be muddy. Nice view at lake with beaches of strawberry coloured sand. Good swimming. 2002 CARPE DIEM of Seattle. reported trail was very muddy.
    21. Fancy Cove - 52°04' - 2 trails - July/99 I could find no trails. Anchor near head of cove.
    22. Shearwater - Feb. 2006 - Go to the boatyard near the marina, then move west and go up the hill. A trail, not easy to see from the boatyard, begins to make itself visible as you climb up. You will come to a gravel road, walk south. Croil Lake appears on the right of the road, along with a sign leading to the Eddie Lake Trail. Visit Croil Lake, then notice the trail continues. The Eddie Lake Trail is fairly long and can be muddy. Quite enjoyable and not much climbing involved. Thanks to Paul Lutus on M.V. TEACUP .
    23. Gunboat Lagoon Cove - 52°10.40' - trail from outer lagoon to inner lagoon. Trail shown on charts but Don Douglass unable to locate it. Anchor just inside entrance.
    24. Campbell Is., Kynumpt Harbour - 52°12.44' - short hike from hbr. to Norman Morrison Bay - anchor in Strom Bay or Strom Cove.
    25. Oliver Cove Prov. Marine Park - 52°19' - trail leads northwest into bush.
    26. Ocean Falls - 52°21.14' - road to Link Lake and dam. Beware of porcupines - tie up at public floats.
    27. Sir Alexander Mackenzie Park - 52°22.69' - short trail from anchorage to plaque. temp anchorage off beach.
    28. Nascall Bay - 52°29.63' - trail to bathhouse. A trail from the bathhouse goes to a viewpoint of Dean Channel. Anchor south side of inner bay.
    29. Briggs Inlet - Emily Bay - 52°23.50' - trail to Emily Lake starts by small building at head of bay - anchor near head.
    30. Roscoe Inlet, Boukind Bay - 52°27' - primitive trails to Briggs Inlet (1/4 mile) - good anchorage near head.
    31. Spiller Inlet, Ingram Bay - 2005 - There is a deactivated logging road. It is approx. 3 km. in length and can be accessed from a log dump located on the point at the west side of the bay. A few hundred yards up the road from the dump there is a narrow bridge crossing Ingram Falls (spectacular). 100 yards past the bridge there is a trail on the right leading to Ingram Lake. The logging road passes through a swampy area where you may see Sandhill cranes. Thanks to Mark on M.V. HONKER.
    32. Ellerslie Lagoon - 52°31.78' - 20 min. trail to Ellerslie Lake. Starts 200 yards west of falls. Caution - rocks at edge of Falls slippery. Anchor west of falls.
    33. Ellerslie Bay, East Anchorage - July 2004 - 52°39.30' Two trails start from grassy shoreline on north side. 1. 30 min. walk to lagoon and lower falls. 2. 40 min. walk goes to lake with a muddy trail going along lake to Upper Falls. Both trails marked with orange trail tape. Thanks to Ron & Sharon Olsen on S.V. SCAMPI
    34. Mathieson Channel Nov. 2008 Tom Bay logging road heading north along east side of Mathieson Channel has been deactivated with all drainage pipe removed. James Bay all the logging roads have been deactivated.
    35. Swindle Is., Klemtu - 52º35' - trail to Swindle Lake and other trails. Check with locals. Nov. 2008 Primitive trail to Kitasoo Lake past fish hatchery. New road north to new hydro electric power plant across from Jane Island 4.5 km.
    36. Sheep Passage, Windy Bay - Dec. 2006 - 52°47.30' West of Windy Bay, south side of Sheep Passage great logging road. Thanks to Bill & Pam Racow on M.V. INCOMMUNICADO.
    37. Dean River, Dean Channel - 52°48.34'N 126°58.14'W - In James Sirois's book "Afloat in Time" Hancock House (1999) he mentions Gadsden's Trail from Kimsquit Cannery in the Dean River Delta to the Mesla Mountain cabin at 6000 ft.
    38. Princess Royal Is., Surf Inlet - Jan. 2005 53° 01.75' at head, a road goes to Bear Lake and an old mining camp.
    39. Princess Royal Island, Chapple Inlet, Kiln Bay Nov. 2008 Logging road overgrown, some spots barely passable but it does open up.
    40. Graham Reach, Khutze Inlet - 53°04.90' - a 3 mile hike up the river valley leads to an abandoned gold mine. Anchor close to waterfall at head. Beware of sunken barge close to waterfall.
    41. Grenville Channel, Union Passage, Hawkins Narrows - 53°24.74' old logging roads on Pitt Is. - chart 3722
    42. Grenville Channel, Union Passage Prov. Marine Park - bare hills on east side of Farrant Is.
    43. Hartley Bay dock - boardwalk to lake - 53°25.44'
    44. Hartley Bay - Sept. 2004 - trails being constructed south of settlement. Thanks to John & Joanne Flynn on M.V. DANCING LADY
    45. Hawkesbury Island - bay between Fishtrap Bay & Danube Bay - 53°33.12' - recent logging roads.
    46. Grenville Channel, Lowe Inlet, Nettle Basin - 53°33.43' - trail to left of falls to Lowe Lake, passes 1st & 2nd Verney Falls. Anchor in front of falls or just east of it. Lots of bears in vicinity.
    47. Banks Island - 2002 Larsen Harbour 53°38.10'N Trail on shore. Tie up to one of six mooring buoys. Thanks to Alex Kay on M.V.ABDUCTOR
    48. Grenville Channel - Klewnuggit Inlet - 53°41' - a trail near outlet of Freda Lake is used by fisheries observers.
    49. Weewanie Hot Springs - 53°41.78' - old logging roads - two mooring buoys - also logging roads in Devastation Channel - chart 3743
    50. Douglas Channel - 2007 North Cove Trail - south of Kitimat & Moon Bay, a trail parallels the N side of Douglas Chan. to North Cove, just before Bish Bay - an easy 5 hr. return hike with great views over the channel.
    51. Pitt Is., junction of Petrol Chan. & Ogden Chan, Captain Cove - 53°48.65' - logging roads at east end - chart 3753
    52. Pitt Island, Payne Channel Nov. 2008 Opposite of southern end of Hinton Island is a new logging road only 3 km. long.
    53. Porcher Island, north end. -54°02' -Welcome Harbour- a 1/2 hr. trail across peninsula to Secret Cove and a trail across Welcome Point to Oval Beach. Two mooring buoys in Welcome Harbour or anchor in Secret Cove - chart 3909
    54. Pillsbury Cove, Prince Rupert Harbour - 2002 54°18.97' 130°22.82' - beach is sand, gravel and rock - trails around cove. Enter well to stbd., go deep into main bay then west, then north. Anchor in 35 to 40 ft. chart - 3598. Thanks to Dave Scott on M.V. PRIME TIME.


    An excellent reference is "Boat Camping Haida Gwaii " by Neil Frazer - Harbour Publishing

    1. Sgan Gwaii (Anthony Is.) 52°05' trail north from Grays Cove to watchman cabin.
    2. Kunghit Is., Balcom Inlet - 52°6.2' at head of SE arm is a trail alongside the stream.
    3. South Moresby, Collison Bay - 2002 - 52°17' 131°07' - Anne Vipond in Pacific Yachting writes "At the head of the bay, a trail leads up the mountainside past an old copper mine located about one kilometre inland."
    4. East Moresby Is., Bag Harbour 52°20' off Burnaby Strait. Walk along stream at head through big trees and moss covered floor.
    5. East Moresby Is., Harriet Hbr.- 2004 52°18' roads along east shore.
    6. East Moresby Is., Ikeda Cove - 2004 52°18' old service roads from mining operation on west side.
    7. Gandle K'in (Hotspring Is.), 52°34' trail starts near centre of western beach, goes through centre of island to hotsprings.
    8. East Moresby Is., Echo Hbr. - 2004 52°41' walk in open forest, old homestead.
    9. Lyell Is.,Windy Bay - 2004 - 52°41' short trail to giant spruce.
    10. East Moresby Is., Anna Inlet - 2004 - 52°42' old shake trail to Anna Lake is near stream on NW shore. East Moresby Is., Crescent Inlet - 2004 - 52°45' road to the SW.
    11. East Moresby Is., Thurston Hbr. - 2004 - 52°50' overgrown roads.
    12. East Moresby Is., Cumshewa Inlet - 53°01' Gillatt Arm - trail to Skidegate Lake along old railway line. Passes old steam donkey engine and remains of Aero camp - 4 miles; also trail to mosquito Lake.
    13. East Moresby Is., Gordon Cove - 2004 - 53°02' in SW corner service road to beach.
    14. East Moresby Is., Cumshewa Trail - 2004 - 53°03' between Gray Pt. and Cumshewa Head. 24km. (14.6 m) A day hike to Sandy Cove is 5 hrs. return. Secret Cove trail is closeby.
    15. East Moresby Is., Sandspit Marina, Shingle Bay, Skidegate Inlet 53°15' Louise Dover Memorial Trail - A short walk to the right (west) along the road until you cross the bridge, then you cross the road to get to a one hour hiking trail through old growth and along Haans Creek. The trail passes several culturally modified trees and ends up looping back to the starting point. It's well marked with blue and yellow ribbons.
    16. Graham Is.,Skidegate 53°09' trail to Spirit Lake.
    17. Graham Is., Queen Charlotte City 53°15' hike up Sleeping Beauty Mountain west of city.
    18. Graham Is., Queen Charlotte City - 2007 - trail to top of Mount Slatechuck - good views of south end of Graham Is.
    19. Kiis Gwaii (Langara Is.)- 2004 - 52°14' old roads from WWII radar station and rough trail around island.
    20. West Graham Is. - 2004
    21. - Rediscovery Trail from Lepas Bay to Beresford Bay 54°08'
    22. West Graham Is., Port Chanal - 2004 - 53°36' trail alongeast side of Mercer Creek to Mercer Lake. Also trail along Mace Creek. West Moresby Is., Englefield Bay, Security Inlet - 2004 - 53°02' trail at head.
    23. West Moresby Is., Englefield Bay, Peel Inlet - 2004 - 52°59' road to Moresby Camp.
    24. West Moresby Is., Newcombe Inlet - 2004 - 52°48' logging roads on both sides.
    25. West Moresby Is., Botany Inlet - 2004 - 52°44' trail destroyed by clearcutting.
    26. Blue Heron Bay - 2004 - 52°40' hike up to lake.
    27. West Moresby Is., Murray Cove - 2004 - 52°35' 1.5 km. hike to lake.
    28. Penrose Island, Fury Cove - 51º29.25' - crushed clamshell beaches, reminiscent of a South Pacific Isle. Large white sandy beach on west side of island. - chart 3934

    Choked Passage, Calvert Is. - 51º41.55' - south & east side - chart 3784

    Dog Beaches:

    1. Kayak Cove, Hunter Is. - 51º53.91' - large sandy beach - chart 3786
    2. Goose Group - 51º56.25' - Snipe Is. - north side, sandy beach; Goose Is. - north tip, sandy beach - chart 3786. Heiltsule band have a rediscovery camp here.
    3. Norman Morrison Bay - 52º12.10' - chart 3787
    4. Millbanke Sound, Lady Douglas Is., Cockle Bay (east side of L.D.I.) -52°20.75' long sandy beach - chart 3728
    5. Swanson Bay - Jan. 2005 53° 00.75'N long beach
    6. Curlew Bay, Fin Is. - 53º16.71' - two grassy beaches - chart 3742
    7. Grenville Channel, Union Passage, Hawkins Narrows - 53°24.74' - beach on south end of Pitt Is. and another one further south. chart 3722
    8. Grenville Channel, Lowe Inlet, Nettle Basin -53°33.43' - southeast corner - beach
    9. Kitsaway Anchorage, between Kitsaway Is. & Hawksbury Is. - 53°37.80' - grassy flats & beach - chart 3743
    10. QCI, Gordon Is. Apr. 2004 52°05 nice beach on east side.
    11. Tiquet Island - north side


    Bibliography - books I used in my research and web links


    Paul Lutus has a website> with excellent photos of bears and views from the trails. Many thanks to Elsan Zimmerly on M.V. CALLIOPE for many additions.

    1. 2008 Stewart - Hyder Hike to Clements Lake, or Sluice Box Trail (the trailhead is near the dump),or Titan Trail , 4.7 miles up to Titan Mine.
    2. Nakat Bay, Port Tongass - a good walk from the fort site follows the shoreline around Katakwa Point to the former village.
    3. MISTY FIORDS NATIONAL MONUMENT Misty is a Congressionally designated Wilderness. Many of the trails offer beautiful views. Trails all begin at salt water and are marked by large, orange & white diamond-shaped signs visible from the beach. Trails vary in difficulty but none are arduous. Expect wet muddy conditions throughout the summer. Within the Monument, the USFS maintains 14 recreational cabins, and some mooring buoys. The cabins must be reserved.
    4. M.F.N.M., Mink Bay 3 mile trail to Humpback Lake. Fish & Game fish ladder. Cabin at east end of lake.
    5. M.F.N.M., Boca de Quadra Hugh Smith Lake Trail - 0.25 miles trail from Boca de Quadra to Hugh Smith Lake.
    6. M.F.N.M., Smeaton Bay, Bakewell Arm 1.3 mile trail to Bakewell Lake. Fishladder on river that drains lake.
    7. M.F.N.M., Smeaton Bay, Wilson Arm road built for exploration of Quartz Hill Molybdenum Mine (begins near building on west side of arm.
    8. M.F.N.M., Winstanley Is. 2.3 mile trail from Belm Canal to 3 sided shelter at Winstanley Lake. Can also walk from Winstanley cabin out to Winstanley Point.
    9. M.F.N.M., Checats Cove 1.0 mile trail to Lower Checats Lake. At low tide Checats Cove is a great place to explore. Interesting rock formations, shallow caves, tide pools. Anchor in Checats Cove for an afternoon in good weather conditions but wouldn't stay overnight. Could anchor or tie to buoy at Winstanley Cabin & dinghy or kayak over to Checats.
    10. M.F.N.M.,Ella Bay 4.3 mile trail to Ella Lake.
    11. M.F.N.M.,Punchbowl Cove 1.0 mile trail to Punchbowl Lake shelter. Waterfall on way is very scenic. If not in use, the rowboat can be used to explore the lake. A large lake with island in the middle and steep walled cliffs.
    12. M.F.N.M., Rudyerd Bay trail to Nooya Lake (shelter at Lk.) area around start of trail is brown bear habitat. Can frequently see bears in late afternoon or early evening. A favorite place for bears to feed in the meadow grasses.
    13. M.F.N.M., Manzanita Bay 3.3 mile trail to Manzanita Lake.
    14. M.F.N.M., Grace Cove 1.9 mile trail to Grace Lake. (can be in poor condition)
    15. M.F.N.M.,Naha Bay - Loring Loring is a deserted mining town. A trail leads through beautiful forests and along Roosevelt Lagoon. At head of Naha Bay a trail goes to Heckman Lake.
    16. M.F.N.M. beaches - Koh Shakes Cove At entrance to cove on left side. Also take a dinghy around from K.S.C. towards Bullhead Cove for a wonderful, long white sand beach. Anchor only in good sea conditions. Princess Bay - good beach walk. Walker Cove - small area near Walker Creek. Watch for bears. Portage Cove - take dinghy through Narrows - nice beach area when it opens up again.
    17. Metlakatla 2008 Hike up Yellow Hill, 30 mins to top or up Purple Lake Trail, a steep 1.8 mile hike up to lake.
    18. Ketchikan - Rainbird Trail - Go to roughly 55° 21.332'N, 131° 40.613"W on a small college campus, at the north end of College Court, between the buildings on an ascending staircase. Climb the hill on a reasonably well-marked trail, you will encounter a large, relatively flat trail that leads SE. this trail terminates toward the SE with a nice view, at 55° 20.913'N, 131° 39.567'W, and joins a road at that end. This trail is much better developed toward the SE than the NW, and the Delorme map shows parts of this trail that no longer exist at the NW end. Thanks to Paul Lutus on M.V. TEACUP
    19. Ketchikan - Married Men's Trail - short trail from Creek Street to Ted Ferry Civic Center. Ask for "Ketchikan Walking Tour Map" at Visitors Bureau
    20. .Ketchikan - Carlanna Lake, Minerva Mountain - Go to roughly 55° 21.34'N 131° 41.6'W (Canyon Road), this becomes an uphill gravel road leading to the lake. Supposedly, if you go to the east side of the lake and go uphill, you encounter a trail that ascends Minerva Mountain, east of the lake. (The latter not located or walked yet). Thanks to Paul Lutus on M.V. TEACUP
    21. Ketchikan - Deer Mountain Trail - - Tongass National Forest - A short day hike (3.1 miles) offers a splendid view of the island. The first overlook is one mile from the trailhead. Additional 2 miles to Blue Lake high alpine meadow - wildflowers. The trail to the 3,000 foot summit is suitable for moderately experienced climbers. Hikers are cautioned to please stay on the trail. Past Deer Mt. summit for experienced hikers only. Not well marked. Have topo map. Exceptionally dramatic scenery. From Fair Street, SW side of town, follow Ketchikan Lakes Road to the Deer Mountain parking lot trailhead.
    22. Ketchikan - Nature Trail - short self-guided trail on the grounds of the Totem heritage Center.
    23. Ketchikan Area, Tongass National Forest - Short Bay - trail to Reflection Lake . The Forest Service maintains more than 400 miles of paths in the Tongass.
    24. Ketchikan Area, Tongass National Forest - Bailey Bay - 2.2 mile trail to Lake Shelokum, stream impassable at high water. First part of trail is steep, rest easy. Ledge crosses over stream - can be hazardous with lots of rain. Trail goes to shelter & hotsprings at north end of lake.
    25. Ketchikan Area, Tongass National Forest - Klu Bay - trail 1.2 miles to Orchard Lake
    26. Ketchikan Area, Tongass National Forest - Ice House Cove - 2.5 mile Black Mountain Trail to Snag Lake
    27. Ketchikan Area, Tongass National Forest - Fish Creek - Gokachin Lake Trail to Star Lake
    28. Naha Bay - 25 miles N of Ketchikan Tongass National Forest. Trailhead in Naha Bay, Follows Naha River. Moderate hike of 6.5 miles. Waterfall and saltwater lagoon. Picnic shelter on trail. Floating dock (State) in bay. Trail from dock skirts Roosevelt Lagoon, continues past Orton Ranch (summer camp) then crosses Naha River. Additional trails to
    29. Heckman and Jordan Lakes, (FS cabins on lakes) 5.4 miles from dock to Heckman Lk. Excellent fishing - steelhead, salmon, dolly varden & cutthroat trout.
    30. Prince of Wales Is., Craig - El Capitan Cave Access Trail - 0.25 mile. This trail climbs 300 ft. from the parking lot to the cave entrance on gravel, boardwalk, wood stairs and earth. Visitors may go about 200 feet into the cave before reaching a gate. Tours conducted during summer. There are over 2000 miles of logging roads on POW Is.
    31. Prince of Wales Is. - Karta River Trail - 4.8 miles from mouth of Karta River at Karta Bay to Salmon Lake cabin in The Karta Wilderness Area.
    32. Prince of Wales Is. east side, Coffman Cove - walk to Rhody Park and other trails
    33. Prince of Wales Is. east side, Kegan Cove - half mile trail to Kegan Lake
    34. Etolin Is., Steamer Bay - trail to Kah Sheets Lake.
    35. Anan Bay Bear Observatory - one mile boardwalk trail. Excellent brown & black bear viewing. Permit required.
    36. Shoemaker Bay - The Rainbow Falls Trail - 4.5 miles south of Wrangell. Trail starts across the road from the marina. 0.8 mile to Falls. Easy to moderate short hike with stairs and log steps. Forest Service counted 1849 stair steps. Institute Creek Trail 3.4 miles. Trailhead same as Rainbow Falls. Moderate Strenuous. Great scenic view at overlook point. Follow signs from ferry terminal. Good interp. sign at site.
    37. Wrangell - Walk from the marina to the beach with the petroglyphs (NW of marina a couple of miles - walk near the beach). On way back, move east into the woods and climb the ridge that lies directly north of the main part of town. The north face is rugged without much in the way of trails, but it affords a nice challenge, and a trail can be aquired from the top back into town on the south side.. Watch out for the town dump located ` north of the ridge, it is an old fashioned open dump with plenty of bears. Thanks to Paul Lutus on M.V. TEACUP ,
    38. Kupreanof Is., Kah Sheets Bay - trail to Kah Sheets Lake.
    39. Petersburg - Raven's Roost Trail -Go to a gravel parking lot at 56° 48.19'N, 132° 55.72'W, near the east end of the airport runway, look for a sign for Raven's Roost Trail. Walk west along a gravel road, take the first left, walk south on another gravel road, watch for a trail sign on the right near a small building. Walk along a gravel path that becomes a wooden walkway through muskeg, now you are on the trail. This is a fairly long trail but not difficult. It gradually rises to 1700 feet to a large muskeg meadow with a view of the town, then it descends to the southwest of the town alongside Wrangell Narrows. The trail does not stop at the top but continues so you have to decide if you want to backtrack or descent by a different route. A worthwhile hike, very pretty, and a walking staff is a good idea. Thanks to Paul Lutus on M.V. TEACUP
    40. Petersburg Lake Trail - 10 miles each way. Hikers take a water taxi across Wrangell Narrows to the Petersburg Creek - Duncan Salt Chuck Wilderness.2008 The Forest service Office is upstairs in the Post Office 7 Federal Building. They have extensive handouts on area hiking.
    41. Petersburg Mountain Trail - 3.5 miles each way. The trail starts at the Kupreanof state dock just across the Wrangell Narrows from Petersburg. The mountain trail goes east; the Petersburg Lake Trail heads west from the dock. The trail is rated "most difficult" by the Forest Service. After 1.5 miles along an old road bed, the trail turns left and heads up the mountain. Above the saddle, blue trail markers show the way to the peak; an anchored cable helps climbers to the summit.
    42. Thomas Bay, Cascade Creek, N of Petersburg on mainland - trail from Cascade Creek to Falls Creek and Swan Lake. Admiralty Is., Angoon - 90% of is. is wilderness. Pack Creek Bear Observ. - need permit. Most trails on the island are used as canoe portages, and there are no maintained long trails. Hikers can walk along the shore and climb 2,000 feet to the treeless alpine area, above the dense rain forest. Seven lakes with canoe portages. Kruzof Is., Fred's Creek, 10 miles west of Sitka) Mt. Edgecumbe National Recreation Trail Seven miles (10.5 km) to summit (3000 ft.) starts at recreation cabin. Entire trail reconstructed in 2002.
    43. Baranof Is., Silver Bay - trail to Salmon Lake to Redoubt Lake.
    44. Baranof Is., Sitka - Halibut Point State Recreation Site trail - 0.5 miles. The easy gravel trail begins at the footbridge that crosses Granite Creek and goes through a forest of Sitka spruce and western hemlock. It forms a loop with spur trails to the beach an picnic shelter.
    45. Baranof Is., Sitka - Indian River Trail - 5.5 miles. The trail begins west of the pumphouse and dam at the end of Indian River Road and goes to Indian River Falls. Brown bears may e in the area.
    46. Baranof Is., Sitka - Mount Verstovia Trail - 2.5 miles. This state trail begins about 2 miles east of Sitka along Sawmill Creek Road near Rookies Bar & Grill. It ends near the summit of Mount Verstovia with an elevation gain of 2,550 feet and a 3,300 foot gain if one goes on to Arrowhead Peak.
    47. Baranof Is., Sitka - Harbor Mountain - Gavan Hill Trail - 6 miles total. The Harbor Mountain Trail starts on the steep, windy Harbor Mountain Road and connects in the hills with the Gavan Hill Trail, which starts on Baranof Street in Sitka. Near the summit, there are ruins of a World War II lookout.
    48. Baranof Is., Warm Springs Cove - half mile trail to Springs mostly boardwalk. Rest of trail can be wet & muddy when raining. Trail continues up to lake, about 1/4 mile beyond springs.
    49. Chichagof Is., Tenakee Springs - trail through the woods. A mile and a half from the start you come to a surprise. A large wooden suspension bridge. How did they get all that lumber into the forest? Along the way counted 30 native plants. Saw some bear scat. I think the trail was built for the kids to get to the school.
    50. Chichagof Is., west side - White Sulphur Springs & Mirror Harbor - one trailhead in west arm for one mile boardwalk to Springs (Main trail) and another from Mirror Harbor (Dry Harbor Trail).
    51. Chichagof Is., Hoonah - There are trails and logging roads in Tongass National Forest.
    52. Taku Harbor - old boardwalk trail - in poor condition.
    53. Juneau - Trails at Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center 1. East Glacier Loop Trail 3.5 miles, elevation 400 ft. 2. Moraine Ecology Trail 1.5 miles, elevation 10 ft. 3. Nugget Creek Trail 1.5 miles, elevation 100 ft., starts 1.5 miles midway through East Glacier Loop trail. 4. Interpretive Trail 0.5 mile. 5. Photo Point Trail 0.3 mile. Brocure available.
    54. Juneau - West Glacier Trail - 3.4 miles, elev. gain 1300 ft. located off Montana Creek Rd., past campground on W side of Mendenhall Lake.
    55. Juneau - Perseverance Trail - Go to roughly 58° 18.38'N, 134° 25.1'W (Evergreen Road), join Gold Creek Flume, a walkway on top of a water flumes that bears NE. Join Perseverance Trail at the end of the flume. This trail ascends into some canyon areas, and Mount Juneau Trail branches off to the left (west). Haven't walked Mt. Juneau trail yet, but Perseverance is very nice. Thanks to Paul Lutus on M.V. TEACUP .
    56. Juneau - Sheep Creek Trail - length 3 miles - elevation gain 800 ft. to valley, 3500 ft. to ridge located 4 miles south of town, off Thane Rd.
    57. Juneau - Mount Roberts Trail - From the marina in town, travel to the top of sixth street in Juneau, notice the staircase at end of street -- that is the trailhead. The old trail ascends directly from town, rather rough and wet in this part, and ascends to the top of the tram. Of course, no one would consider riding the tram instead. Then the trail ascends a rocky ridge and comes out on a hilltop, where it forks. The right-hand trail goes to Mount Gasineau and then Mount Roberts, both very steep knife-edge ridges. The left-hand trail leads to Gold Ridge , a nicer destination for those not in the mood for a life-thratening experience. Gold Ridge affords nice views of town and surrounding countryside. Thanks to Paul Lutus on M.V. TEACUP .
    58. Juneau - Treadwell Historic Trail - an old gold mine, now a ghost town on Douglas Is. Starts from Sandy Beach. Juneau - Pt. Bishop/Duportz Trail - length 1.6 mile to Dupont; 8 miles to Pt. Bishop. Elevtion 200 ft., located at end of Thane Rd.
    59. Juneau, Douglas Is. - Dan Moller Trail length 3 miles, elevation gain 1800 ft. After crossing bridge turn right on Cordova St., then left on Pioneer Ave.
    60. Juneau, Douglas Is. - Mt. Bradley (Mt. Jumbo) length 2.6 miles, elevation gain 3337 ft. Located 5th St. downtown Douglas.
    61. Glacier Bay - Bartlett Cove - Only trails in Glacier bay. 3 well maintained trails; a one mile Forest Loop Trail and The Bartlett River/Lake Trail, a 4 mile round trip which starts by Park Administration Building. Beach Trail. Forest & Beach trails start at end of public dock.
    62. Auke Bay (just north of Juneau) - Skating Cabin Trail - Travel from the marina along Mendenhall loop road, then to the west side of Mendenhall Lake. Note the historical cabin, marked "skating cabin". The trail just north of the cabin is actually two trails, unmarked of course. One (the main trail) moves along the west side of Mendenhall Lake and then ascends into a wilderness to the northwest, becoming more and more ridiculously steep. Once you are looking down on Mendenhall Glacier, you know you are on this trail. To visit the Glacier , watch for a shelter off the right-hand side of the trail well before you approach the glacier. This shelter marks a second trail, that descends to the shore of the lake, then ascends across a rocky ridge (with some very steep hand and foot rock climbing), then approaches the west side of Mendenhall Glacier. Pay attention to your return route as you travel on this trail, it is poorly marked and difficult to retrace until you have walked it several times. Most Juneau locals have never seen it, and cannot locate it. Very pretty ice caves and overhangs, somewhat dangerous as well. A worthwhile hike. Thanks to Paul Lutus on M.V. TEACUP
    63. Hoonah 2008 3 nearby hikes.
    64. Gustavus 2008Hike to Bartlett Lake or along Salmon or Goode Rivers.
    65. Echo Cove, Point Bridget Trail - easy 7 mile trail at mile 39 on the highway. (one mile S of Echo Cove)
    66. Haines - Battery Point Trail - Get the local brochure "Haines is for Hikers" A fairly level walk of about 2.4 miles. The last stretch, 3/4 mile, is along pebble beaches and across Kelgaya Point where wide open vistas of Lynn Canal are viewed. The start of the trail is one mile east of Port Chilkoot and 1/4 mile beyond the Portage Cove Campground where the shore road ends. Follow the rough road up the hill for about one mile, then the trail which leads to the beach. Allow two hours round trip.
    67. Haines - Mt. Riley Trails - A pleasant hike for the family, with moderate climbing and spectacular views in all directions from the summit, only 1760 feet high. There are three routes to the summit. 1. From Mud Bay Road, which is the steepest and most direct route, a distance of 2.1 miles. Allow 3.5 hrs. round trip. Take the Mud Bay Road from Port Chilkoot, running southward on the west side of the Chilkat Peninsula, to the top of the second steep hill a few yards short of the 3 Mile marker. The marked path starts on the left side of the road opposite to a parking area and heads for the ridge in a southwesterly direction. 2. Via Port Chilkoot - 3.8 mile one way. Allow 4.5 hours round trip. Take the FAA Road behind "Officers Row" in Port Chilkoot and follow it to its end, about 1 mile. Walk along the City of Haines water supply access route about 2 miles (50 mins.) A short 5-minute spur trail branching off to the right connects with a direct route from Mud Bay Road. 3. From Portage Cove, the route is 5.5 mile. Allow 5 hours round trip. Follow the road, then the Battery Point Trail almost two miles to a junction of routes, approximately 30 yards before the shoreline trail emerges on to the beach. Take the right fork which climbs steeply at first through thick undergrowth and tall spruce forests, then less steeply through small muskeg meadows over Half Dome, before the final climb onto the summit of Mt. Riley.
    68. Haines - Seduction Point Trail -
    69. Haines - Mt. Ripinsky and 7 Mile Trail -
    70. Skagway - Chilkoot Gold Rush Trail - Trailhead is by the Taiya River, near Dyea, (9 miles from Skagway), It's 33 miles and goes over the Chilkoot Pass to Lake Bennett. It is a difficult hike and usually takes 3 to 5 days. The first mile is quite steep. Before starting you must obtain a backcountry permit and register with customs officials. Brochures and booklets available.
    71. Skagway - White Pass Trail - no longer assessible by foot. Trail parallels The White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad.
    72. Skagway From town follow the rr tracks out to graveyard. About 3/4 mile.
    73. Cordova - This town has several excellent trails. Go into town and locate (or ask directions) to the ski area. It's at the top of "ski hill road". As you come to the top of the gravel road, near the base of the ski lift, a trail appears on the right, about 50 yards west of the ski lift line. Climb this trail. At the top are (1) the top of the ski lift, and (2) a relay station/antennna farm. To the north of the relay station is more trail, well-maintained and very interesting, moving at first along a saddle, through muskeg meadows and small ponds and lakes, very pretty country, leading up to much higher peak that overlooks the town from the NE. Both the relay station and the higher peak are visible from the marina. Look to the NE, they are in the same quadrant. Another trail begins south of the town at 60° 32.234' N, 145° 45.685' W, with a gated entrance to a gravel road with all sorts of warnings about "authorized personnel only", apparently meant to discourage off-road vehicles. Hike up to a storage tank, take a trail to the left, soon you will come to reservoir and a very pretty alpine area. There are some mountains around the meadow, easy access, that should be nice hiking later in the summer. (First hike was in May 2004, snowy and wet) Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    74. Chugach National Forest, Prince William Sound, Coghill River - 2.5 mile trail to Coghill Lake cabin.
    75. C.N.F., P.W.S. - Golden Creek - historic ruins from gold mining.
    76. C.N.F., P.W.S. - Long Bay - One mile trail to Shrode Lake cabin.
    77. Prince William Sound - Whittier - Horsetail Falls Trail - Starts at 60° 46.346' N, 148° 40.627'W. The first part of the trail is well-developed with wooden walkways, and ends on a nice hilltop with a view. The terrain is alpine beyond the end of the trail, eventually becoming a glacier. Very scenic and fun. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    78. Prince William Sound - Whittier - Shotgun Cove Trail - begins as a gravel road in town and then becomes a footpath (reportedly, have not walked it). It sounds promising. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    79. Prince William Sound - Galena Bay near Valdez - This trail runs between the lagoon at the east end of Galena Bay and Silver Lake. This is a difficult trail, 7 miles long, very challenging terrain and at 5/2003 doesn't actually get to the lake. Anchor at the east end of Galena Bay, at the entrance to the lagoon. Paddle into the lagoon (at low tide requires portaging). Leave the dinghy at 60° 56.459'N, 146° 33.875'W and walk north, watching for orange plastic trail blazes on the trees (sometimes the bears eat them) The trail follows the south side of Duck Creek, through some very rough terrain. (in May 2003 there was bear scat everywhere) Near the lake there is a rope across the creek, too high to pass in the spring, that moves the trail from the south to north side of the creek. This ford was not taken due to the high water. I made my way up a ridge on the south side to a view of the lake and surrounding mountains. It appears it would be very difficult to approach the lake from the south side. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    80. Prince William Sound - Naked Island - In the middle of PWS, it is sufficiently remote from the mainland that there appears to be few/no bears, and the hiking is relatively easy. A nice goal would be to climb the peak on the east side of the island, 1235' high, where a relay station is located. There are no established trails, but the terrain is open, making one's own trail is easy. Avoid Bass Harbour in any southly weather, it gets constant ocean swells, even with no wind. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    81. Prince William Sound - Perry Island - Anchor at about 60° 43.3'N, 147° 56.6'W in a cove on the west side of the east bay on the island. This anchorage is a little rough in a west wind because of low terrain to the west. The bearings for the following two hikes are in reference to this anchorage. Hike #1: An east-west ridge south of the anchorage, much more difficult to walk than it appears from the anchorage. Hike west at low elevation nearly across the width of the island in mostly muskeg meadows, then turn south when possible to ascend the east-west ridge at its lowest point. Then hike east to climb the ridge. Very irregular, difficult terrain on top, nice views. Most of the hike is in meadows with a small amount of brush near the shore and in the ascent. Be sure to follow your outbound course exactly on the return, there are many vertical rock faces in this area, easily seen from below but not at all from above. Hike #2. An easy, gradual ascent in meadows to the NW of the anchorage, rising gradually to several peaks with nice views, total climb about 800 feet. This is one of the least brushy hikes in the entire area, and with many ponds and meadows would be a great introduction to PWS hiking for a newcomer. Near the top, things become more complicated and one would be wise to mark one's route to avoid difficulties on the descent. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    82. Prince William Sound - Cascade Bay, in Eaglek Bay East of Whittier - Cascade Bay has a nice waterfall. The entrance has a glacial moraine that is very shallow (ten feet at low tide) I think this bay was probably a lagoon before the 1964 eartquake. Enter carefully. There is a lake that feeds the waterfall, and there is a trail to the lake. Looking at the chart one might think that simply crossing the ridge will lead to the lake, and although this is true, it is a much greater altitude gain than is neccessary. Instead, go to the beach that is SW of the falls, beach the dinghy, and walk north, staying near the shore. Enter a canyon with some muskeg meadows, and a trail will appear that goes up to the falls and lake. BUT! To see more lake, the north side of the lake looks better (not as steep, affording more chances to walk a good distance along the shore). Looking from the south side of the lake, it became obvious that the north side would have been a better goal. Try to find a trail on the east side of the falls. The distances are not great, but the terrain can be challenging. Anchor in front of a bight across from the falls, there is an uncharted shallow spot well offshore and with reasonable holding (60° 54.84'N 147° 48.27'W). There are what appear to be lion's mane jellyfish in this bay, so no swimming or falling out of boats. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    83. Prince William Sound - Bainbridge Island - No-name Bay - There is an unnamed bay on the southeast of Bainbridge Passage. Anchor at 60° 7.45'N, 148° 6.71'W, this is a sheltered spot in 5 fathoms, almost in the mouth of a river that leads to a lake. Paddle into the river until you find a suitable place to hike, with muskeg meadows in view, on the south side, then beach the dinghy. Hike generally SSW to get to the lake or to ascend to the higher terrain. There is a nice peak at about 1500 feet. If there is less snow than I found (late June), one can ascend higher by crossing an alpine meadow to another, higher peak. There is another pleasant hike east of this anchorage, on the ridge that separates Bainbridge Passage and Prince of Wales Passage to the east. The ridge ascends about 700 feet and the top of the ridge is an easy walk, mostly muskeg, but ascending to the ridge is sometimes difficult. Yet another hike for the future is to beach the dinghy SE of the boat and hike generally SSE to ascend by a different route, one with less brush. This route was first seen once I had climbed the peak to the SW, and is not clearly visible from the anchorage. The route has more and larger muskeg meadows than the other routes and reasonable terrain for climbing. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    84. Prince William Sound - Cochrane Bay - Three Fingers Trail - A very nice 2 mile trail from a very nice anchorage (the eastermost of three connected bays at Three Fingers Cove). The trail goes to a publicly maintained wilderness cabin at Shrode Lake. It is very pretty, not difficult, one river needs to be forded in a wide, shallow passage (knee-deep). Be sure to explore the area at the end of this trail. Visit Lake Jack and/or Long Bay, both accessible from the Shrode Lake cabin. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    85. Prince William Sound - Cullross Bay - Mountain to SE of anchorage - Anchor at about 60° 44.44'N, 148° 11.15W, go ashore, make your way up to a rocky ridge to the SE. After a difficult climb, you will find a pretty lake between the ridge and the high peak area, not visible from below and not charted. This route has not been fully explored and the top has not been reached, it deserves another visit. There are some feasible, if difficult, routes from the lake to the peak. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    86. Prince William Sound - Granite Bay - No-name Mountain S of Inside Anchorage - whose peak is located at 60° 52.15'N 148° 3.51'W. My favorite PWS mountain climb. Very nice view of western PWS, easy to walk on top, mostly granite, little vegetation. Spectacular. After many years of searching for ways up this mountain, I have located an optimal route that consists of a gradual rocky ramp, relatively clear of brush, that ascends from the SW of the mountain. Begin at the small anchorage SW of the mountain, enter into the little valley that lies SW of the mountain, circle around a small lake, then make your way to an easily seen rocky ramp NE of the lake that ascends roughly NE to the ridge leading to the peak. This route frees one from the insect-infested brush quicker than any route yet tried, and it is easier than the other approaches. Because of the presence of many abrupt drop-offs visible only from below, this route must be marked during the climb so one can return by the same route. The described approach is mostly open terrain, very pretty. Be sure to sample the blueberries and salmonberries along the route. Thanks to P
    87. Afognak Island - Blue Fox Bay - To the west of Blue Fox Bay is a multiple-peak mountain called "Devil's Paw". There is a trail leading from BFB west, up to the high country and to any of the peaks one cares to challenge. Part of the trail is steep - a hiking staff or ski pole would help. Enter BFB, go to the south end, find the shelter cabin (not private property) at the west side of the south end. The trail begins about 100 meters north of the cabin, at a tree that extends out on the beach. The trail is not marked but is easy to follow. There is a great view from the top of the north peak of "Devil's Paw' but on revisiting this site, it seems the south peak is much easier to climb and also has great views. Kodiak bears in area. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    88. Kodiak Island - Onion Bay - Anchor at the head of the bay. There is a break in the brush at 58° 5.235'N, 153° 16.749'W which allows easy access to higher elevations. It's best to ascend directly to the ridge to the north, then walk east along the ridge to get to some higher peaks, rather than walking diagonally on the slope. From the top there are nice views of Shelikof Strait and the Alaska Peninsula. Wear waterproof footgear, there is a wet bog on the way up. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    89. Kodiak Island - Olga Bay - Anchor in front of the abandoned cannery, about 57° 9.46'N, 154° 13.74'W. It can be windy in the afternoon, so anchor securely. Go ashore, then walk along the beach to the southeast/east until you get to where you see a relatively clear path to the top of the mountain, at about 57° 9.36'N, 154° 10.59'W and 2256 feet elevation. The brush is difficult for the first third of the total elevation, then it is relatively easy. From the top there are views of Shelikof Strait and the wild, barren south part of Kodiak island. Watch for bears. Thanks to Paul Lutus.
    90. An unnamed island in front of Geographic Harbor entrance - west of Kodiak Is. on the Alaska Peninsula. This island lies east of Takli, the main island lying in front of the entrance to Geographic Harbor. Anchor on the north side near a sandy beach - best on days with SW wind. Allow two hours for a full exploration. There is an old native camp with obsidian chips that has been examined by professionals (numbered obsidian pieces on the ground, a screened protective frame over one site). Obviously, there are many islands to choose, but this one is not hilly or brushy to impede hiking and it's just the right size for a brief visit. It's very pretty and a nice stopover if the current is strong at the entrance to Geographic Harbor. Thanks to Paul Lutus